MAY 3rd 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Place: Studio Seven, Seattle WA
Doors: 5:30pm

Close to 6pm local band DRAWN AND QUARTERED hit’s the stage first to pump everyone up for the show. Their set may have been short, but they delivered an incredible set. The crowds seemed to respond well to the band too, meaning they nailed it. Hope they play more shows, as I enjoyed their set.

This is the last night of the tour, and I expected the bands to show the effects of the tour, not so, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, again showed their masterful skills on stage, and the crowd you could tell enjoyed it. I really do enjoy the clean, and heavy metal vocals together, really gives you something different when listening. The crowds were filling the floor, and I was impressed again for the second night. Will definitely be making sure to catch them again on tour, and if you missed it, don’t make that mistake again.

Now since last nights show in Vancouver, and we all missed seeing INQUISITION, I was more than ready to witness their performance. To me, I still can’t get over how 2 guys can put out such astonishing music, just 2, obviously they know their skills well and can put them together to give us the best of INQUISITION. Dagon at one point had issues with the mic, but I don’t think I really noticed because I was still listening to the guitar workmanship, but Peter came out to the rescue and worked his magic and had it fixed in no time. I really wish their set was longer, oh yeah, I enjoyed their set they played, but it’s never enough when they play. Dagon and Incubus make up the 2 black metal creators who have come together to create some early era thrash riffs, along with some damn fast drum blasts, there is more to it than that, but all in all, it comes down to the fact these 2 have come up with their own style. Absolutely a style all their own, giving us, the fans, some deep, dark songs. Good way for them to end the tour was in their own home town with lots of support. They deserve it, there are after all prodigious.

1349, Norwegians black metal tyrants hit the stage next, and Hellfire is upon you. As many of you may have noticed, Frost was not sitting behind the drum kit, who took his place on this tour was non other than Jon “The Charm” Rice from Job For A Cowboy, and if you were there, you know he did an unbelievable job. They played a variety of songs including their newest one Slaves from their upcoming album. 1349 has something that brings the fan to the floor, their music, their continual excellence to bring us something solid. What do they bring, well I will tell you, because its too late now, the tour is over, they showed us their fast riffing, blasting drums, and black metal vocals. That’s why fans keep coming back for more. Superb set.

GOATWHORE, it has been almost 15 years now, and they have put on the miles, and travelled in vans, continuing to deliver what they love to their fans. They long ago established themselves, and have persevered through many things along the way. You all know that Ben interacts with his fans, plays air guitar while on stage, fist pumps the fans, or slaps their hands, and who loves it, the fans, including me who Ben seemed to find the time to come over and rub my head, as if I was a good kid standing there, or maybe that crazy Canadian lady is there again tonight braving the brutal pits. ;) LOL. Either way, there is no doubt that Goatwhore performs every time to their max. Giving everything to their audience, and they respond. I always do my best to try to catch them when they come to town. They played many a song tonight, old, and new. But do you ever feel sometimes, that it doesn’t matter what songs they play, because they put on such an outstanding show ? That’s how I felt, just watching, seeing the pleasure they had in being up on stage, giving it their all, making us the fans really appreciate their music.

Last, or the best was saved for last. Behemoth happens to be one of my ultimate favourite bands, but reviewing, you are suppose to be critical too, but there is nothing to be critical about, all 4 members execute their set to perfection. Watching Orion hammer the bass, Seth mastering his guitar, Inferno blazing his drums, and Nergal doing 2 things at once, guitar and vocals and never missing a beat. That’s perfection, that’s talent and skill all wrapped up in a extreme metal package. I have seen this tour 2 days in a row, and I am still in awe when I watch them. When the lights go dim before they enter, my heart races, all in anticipation. Much like a young child at Christmas time. Inferno is the first to come on stage and take his place behind the kit, Orion and Seth come out and stand solemnly on each side of Inferno, then there is light, 2 flames in fact that Nergal is carrying out on stage, to face Inferno, then turns and faces the crowd, to much cheering. The flames go out, and “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” starts, let me tell you, that crowd never stopped moving, slamming, pushing for one moment. They played a lot of great choices on this tour, Slaves Shall Serve, Christians to the Lions, Left Hand of God, I was in absolute ecstasy. There is no way to describe what I witnessed, really. Seth and Orion changed sides on stage, giving all the opportunity to witness the brutal bass playing ability, or the masterful guitar riffage. Nergal strolled across the stage giving the whole venue something extraordinaire. Inferno, though he was hard to see so high up on the drums, you know he was kicking some major butt up there. Behemoth is one of those bands, that excels in what they do, creating, and then giving to us everything they can to make sure we walk away saying that was one hell of a show. I saw 2 shows and now writing this, I almost feel like I must have dreamed it. Make no mistake Behemoth will be back, and I will once again venture forth to hang on in the front to get the full frontal attack of the Polish band BEHEMOTH.