JUNE 6th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Photos: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/metal-alliance-tour-2015/

Great day for a drive down to Seattle from Vancouver to see the Metal Alliance Tour. It was held at Studio Seven, which I prefer over the other smaller venues. I was looking forward to this show because there were 2 bands on here that I hadn’t see before, “Entombed A.D.” and “Svart Crown“.

I do have to say, it was extremely hot, and I went into the venue before the bands even started playing….yikes, it was like stepping into a wall of heat, wasn’t looking forward to when the bands actually hit the stage and fans fill up the floor. DISCIPLES OF DISSENT, a local out of Seattle, first to hit the stage and a little more visually interesting. They came out in suits, made for a great stage presence, but damn, it had to be hot doing that. They had a great set, people were moshing, and enjoying themselves.

Second is a local DEVILATION, a local band out of Seattle, who had a great set, looking around, seems like the people that were there, were enjoying themselves. I have to be honest, because it was so darned hot, I kept having to step outside to get some air. What I did hear, was good. But once again, not many people showed up for the local bands…please, every band starts out as a local. Get out there and show your support to these guys, who worked hard to give a great performance.

Up next is a band that is Extreme Metal from France. I like the fact that everyone in the band moved, wasn’t just “stand and play“ motions. They had some great songs, I really enjoyed my first experience with SVART CROWN. The venue filled up more when they hit the stage, but so did the moshers, who never seem to know the rules, keep it in the middle and leave the people around you alone so they can enjoy the band. What I experienced here was some brutal death metal along with some black metal, and they put the two together with brutal style. Definitely a great mixture, got the crowds attention, for sure, and mine. Definitely a bonus to see them play tonight.

BLACK CROWN INITIATE, that name I am sure everyone is getting to know, these guys have put themselves out there a lot , travelling, giving 150% at each show. I have seen them numerous times, and I especially make a point of seeing them when they come to town, or down to Seattle, like tonight to see them play. I cover a lot of bands doing what I do, and I can tell you, Black Crown Initiate has always given a great performance. There really is no genre to put them into, because they have created a sound all their own, one that is definitely unique to them. I love it. If they are not coming to a town near you, at
least check out their music.

LORNA SHORE, now this band definitely was kind of the “odd band out” for this show. Musically and vocally different from the others, and the heat inside I hate to say, drove most people outside to cool off. The band though did have some fans stick around and stay for the set. Personally though, was not my taste of music, compared to some of the other acts soon to perform. 

HATE ETERNAL, Death Metal out of Tampa Bay, Florida, and how I had forgotten how damned good these guys were. I am not a huge fan of the death metal scene, but when it’s put together like this, I am floored. Probably for me, what catches my attention, is the guitar solos from Erik Rutan, holy geez has he got talent. Again, I am not a big fan of guitar solos, but Erik is distinguished in this area, he could have played all night, and I would have been standing listening to such talent. Don’t get me wrong, the other 2 fellows nailed it as well, giving us one heck of a show. That’s right, there are only 3 members to this band, and they will brutally kick your butt. Hot or not, you have to stand and fully appreciate what they do.

Next, now here is where I am disappointed, I came down to Seattle, to catch for the first time ENTOMBED A.D. I could not believe that they were let go from the tour. I spent some time talking to them, laughing and just having a great conversation with these guys, (and it was the first time we had met). Needless to say, I was just shocked and so were they. The band was there and ready to play. But due to unfortunate circumstances, they were not allowed. What I am going to do here, Metaltitans back in 2014 did an interview with Nico Elgstrand, so I would like to put this in, and a video. This is to show our support for the guys in Entombed A.D. Come back soon guys, there were many at Studio Seven who came just to see you, and there were many others, who didn’t even bother to show up because you weren’t playing. Sorry this happened.
Interview: http://www.metaltitans.com/entombed-ad-exclusive/
Video: Pandemic Rage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOODS4Rfpuo

Headliner for the Metal Alliance Tour is Deicide, who we all know as Death Metal from Hell. For me, I could only stand about 3 songs, then had to leave, not because they were bad, bad ass maybe, but just too darned hot, and I was getting dizzy. But could hear them perform from outside, and like every other time, I am sure that the crowd was a very enthusiastic one for Deicide, as they always are. I have seen Deicide multiple times and they have always maintained their standard of playing, giving their fans just what they came for.