MAY 24th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with the band MIASMAL, a death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden who is about to release their album on May 13th (USA).  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. First I would like to ask you how you came up with the name “Miasmal” for your band name?

Pontus: I was intrigued by the word miasma, and Miasmal is the descriptive form of it. Meaning a noxious atmosphere or influence.  

2. MIASMAL was formed back in 2007, what made you decide to form the band? Were you previously in another band? 

Pontus: Yes, in 2007  I was already in my two other bands, Agrimonia and Martyrdöd. Me and Magnus were sitting around listening to metal, and we found we agreed wholeheartedly on what elements we liked the most. The day after, I wrote the first song on our demo, "Abduction of the Soul"; I made a demo of it and played it to Magnus. We then recruited our first drummer Micke, and after a couple of months, Ruben joined in on bass.

3. Tell us how each of the band members came to be in MIASMAL…

Pontus Redig (Guitar & vocals) - Founding member
Magnus Andreasson (Guitar) - Founding member
Ruben Åhlander Persson (Bass) - Magnus and Micke knew Ruben since they all were from the same town. Ruben had recently moved here to Gothenburg and joined in a little while before we recorded our demo.
Björn Eriksson (Drums) - Björn, who I also play together with in Agrimonia, was a stand-in drummer for Micke on our US tour 2011. Micke wasn't really into the idea of doing long tours, the rest of us were, so when the tour was over Björn took over the drums full-time.

4. When you were young, had you always dreamed of being in a death metal band?

Pontus: No, not a death metal band in particular. But I always wanted to play music!

5. Did you take any type of music classes in school to lead you towards a band career?

Pontus: No, not really. I took some piano lessons as a kid, but I thought learning notes was boring, I just wanted to play by my own ear. Still do.

6. In the spring of 2012, you hooked up with Century Media. How is that working for you guys?

Pontus: It's been great! Jerry from our very first label Detest Record started working for CM so it felt like a natural move.

7. In April, you are going to be hitting Norwegian soil for the first time. Tell us about that?

Pontus: Unfortunately, that will not happen yet. The Haunted, who was going to headline, canceled. I hope we can go there soon anyway, Norway also has a special place in my heart since I lived there for several years until I moved back to Sweden last summer.

8. What made you choose the genre of death metal as your creative outlet?

Pontus: It's fun and we can write and perform it well. Since I also play in other bands, as well as do recordings and mixes for other people’s bands, that makes it even more fun to return to death metal when I've been doing other stuff for awhile

9. Do you think there is a difference between European death metal compared to North American? How do you find it different?

Pontus: I would say European death metal is a bit more punk influenced than American.

10. You are about to release your album in North America, called ‘Cursed Redeemer’. Are you excited about this release?

Pontus: Oh yes! Can't wait for it to come out. We're gonna premiere half of the album live in a couple days which will be awesome.

11. How did you choose the name ‘Cursed Redeemer’? Was there some kind of inspiration that led you to it?

Pontus: It was a phrase that came up when I was writing lyrics. I guess it stuck because of the paradox. The phrase evolved into a lyric, and then we thought it would work great as an album title as well.

12. Do you have a favourite song on this album, and why this one?

Pontus: I can't pick out one favourite. But I'm really fond of the closing track "2013" since it's kinda personal to me.

13. Who did the artwork?

Pontus:  Mattias Frisk. He also plays in Vanhelgd and has done artwork for bands such as Maim and Ghost. A very talented and multifaceted artist.

14. Who mixed and produced the album? And what studio did you choose to create it all in?

Pontus: The recording and mix was done at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg. I've been there before with other bands, so I knew that they would do a great job.

15. After the release of ‘Cursed Redeemer’, do you plan to do a lot of touring to promote it?

Pontus: Sure! No set plans yet, but stay tuned.

16. What would the fans find the most interesting about the band that they may not know right now?

Pontus: That the guitar melody in the chorus from the first song of our new album is subconsciously influenced by a King Diamond track. The first one to email us which song it is will win a free Miasmal shirt.

17. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking, or that you think the fans should know?

Check out ‘Cursed Redeemer’ when it's out on April 28 in Europe, and May 13 in North America! Cheers!

Thank you (Tack) for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We wish you much success on your new album.