MARCH 23rd 2018

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda

Michael Schenker the renowned mad axeman is 10 years + into his sobriety and this decade has been the most prolific time of his career to date. Schenker released a number of albums via Inakustik Musik, he announced that he moved on to Nuclear Blast Records in 2017. Schenker has assembled another all-star line-up for his upcoming North American Tour. The latest line-up is also featured on the latest effort titled; ‘Resurrection.’

Joining Michael Schenker are;  bassist Chris Glen and drummer Ted McKenna, along with the first three MSG vocalists; Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and also Doogie White who has handled vocal duties on The Temple of Rock albums. The multiple vocalist concept has been attempted before by Schenker, if you recall he did this on the MSG album ‘Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ the result was mixed. Part of the reason was that the songs weren't  there, though the talent pool clearly was; so you knew it was a matter of time before Schekenker gave it another try. This time around he didn’t call it MSG; though it features the first three MSG singers. He branded this project ‘Michael Schenker Fest’ which adds to the confusion of having Michael Schenker, Michael Schenker Group, McAuley Schenker Group, and Temple of Rock in the record bins.

‘Resurrection’ is a mix of classic MSG with blazing guitar solos, contemporary rock and some leanings toward power metal. Bonnet, McAuley, Barden and White all get an opportunity to shine on select cuts, in some cases three are featured! This album serves as yet another celebratory recording as Schenker continues to celebrate his glorious career. Schenker asked Metallica’s Kirk Hammett to lay down some guitar tracks on “Heart And Soul” the result is a blistering recording where we bare witness to Schenker trading licks with Hammett; a self professed Schenker disciple.  The performance will make the hair on your arms stand on end!

As a collective body of work ‘Resurrection’ works much better than the aforementioned ill fated MSG record ‘Tales of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ The standout tracks on ‘Resurrection’ are; “Warrior,” “Heart And Soul,” “Night Moods” and “The Last Supper.”  It’s yet to be determined if ‘Michael Schenker Fest’ takes on a life of its own as a recording entity, but judging from the response of ‘Resurrection’ and the ticket sales for the North American tour, it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the last of it.