OCTOBER 21/22nd 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Day 1:
Oct. 21st
Venue: Studio 7, Seattle, WA

Where do I even start. It’s not very often that I can go to a concert and enjoy each of the bands playing. But I sure did on this tour. I didn't think I would, but I was surprised by some, and one was the reason I went.

So after a 3 hour drive down, and some horrible parking changes at Studio 7, I was more than ready to head into the venue to enjoy. I am going to be perfectly honest here, there were 2 local bands, but because I know so many people in the Seattle area, it was catch up time, sorry guys. I am sure that they will play again on another tour, as Seattle is good for letting area bands open.

First up tonight is a band from The Netherlands, called CARACH ANGREN (meaning Iron Jaws), and I am embarrassed to say at this point, I had not ever heard their music, or seen them before. Seeing them for the first time, kind of gave me chills, their face paint was haunting, and if they glanced your way, it was like they were staring deep into your soul. I was a little leery about what their sound might be like, were they going to be like all the others with the corpse paint, NO WAY .. they definitely have a sound all their own. Seregor (vocals), Ardek (keyboards), and Namtar (drums) complete this  “Horror Black Metal” genre of theirs, it’s still clearly a black metal sound, but with a twist. It works, all you had to do was look around the room and see the people that were enjoying, headbanging, moshing, horns raised. No doubt in my mind that this band will catapult after this North American tour. In fact they ran out of merch. But I really did enjoy their sound, angry, raw, and in your face. For me, the first time seeing them, I say they are the best of the best in Horror Black Metal. They definitely got the crowd going for the rest of the night.

Next is ABYSMAL DAWN out of Los Angeles, California with a death/black/thrash sound. When you consider they were sick, tired, had van troubles, and just drove 20 hours from Denver to get to Seattle in time to play, they really did an amazing job. In fact they had the crowd very active in the pit. It’s been awhile since seeing these guys play live, but they really excelled at what they do best. Vocals (Charles) were impressive, guitars (Andy) and bass (Eliseo) nailed their parts, and drummer Scott, is always a drummer to keep your eye on. They played a variety of their songs to everyone’s enjoyment. Talk about professionalism, you would never ever had known some were sick, and all were so tired. Spectacular set.

INQUISITION is up next and they get a very warm welcome from their home town. What always amazes me when I see these guys, is that there is only two of them, Dagon - vocals, guitars and Incubus on the drums, and they can really nail their sound of black metal. Listen close, and at times there is almost an Abbath (Immortal) sound to the vocals, but it’s almost as if North America has an Immortal band. At least you can think that, but they do have their own style, gradual, underground and black riffing combined with accelerated tempo changes to quicker sections based around blast beats and high-speed riffing, listen close, and you will also hear melodic solos. Needless to say, the crowd had the pleasure of some amazing songs. There is nothing better than playing to your own home town.

Okay, I am going to be totally honest here, because this band up next, is who I came for. Symphonic death metallers SEPTICFLESH, from Athens, Greece, and believe me, I was not disappointed, they execute their set to perfection each time I see them. I always enjoy and sing along to every song they play, they really are masters of their art.  First to arrive on stage is Fotis, who works his magic of putting his kit together how he likes it, then you know when the other band mates come out, as he stands up behind the drums, and then the others arrive, Christos on guitar, Psycon in armour with guitar, and finally Seth, vocals, who creates the atmosphere for the band, arrives on stage with his armour, and his 5 string bass. Now mosh, headbang, do whatever it is you do, but you will enjoy their set. They are just so powerful. Sound was great, they played a variety of their songs from classics to the newer ones off “Titan”, and everyone was intensely enjoying the time SEPTICFLESH had on stage.  Have to say though, I was spoiled last time they were here, they were headliners, so I got to enjoy much more, but I will take what I can get when they arrive in North America. Besides, if I don’t get to enjoy my favourite song live, I have it in the car. Make no mistake, this band has so much talent, they truly are an exceptional band to watch live. I do enjoy a lot of bands, but this one, is the one that I hold in high esteem, and have much respect for. And what makes me extremely happy, I get to see them again tomorrow in Portland. Come back soon, there is nothing better than seeing such an accomplished band.

Next, is probably what everyone was waiting for. DEICIDE, death metal out of Florida. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to see them, I have seen them so many times, and it’s really hard to get up front to enjoy, the crowds are insane for Deicide. I stood in the front for a couple of songs, then left to watch from the back. Okay, I was wrong, The Deicide gang nailed it, and nailed it hard. I enjoyed their set, I always forget that they are not all fast, can’t understand the works and heavy as hell. After watching, I think this band is probably my all time favourite for a black metal band. I also liked the interaction between Glen and the crowd. It was a brutal set that they played, old and new, which the crowd went crazy for. But don’t get me wrong, there was some fast and crazy stuff going on, but it had rhythm to it, you didn’t lose the beat. I’d say that is quite an accomplishment in the world of death metal. Great job.

Day 2:
Oct. 22nd
Venue: Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR

Same bands of course, and again, another excellent show from all of them, which I enjoyed immensely. Each of the bands played exceptionally well. And hat’s off to SEPTICFLESH, Seth for the first time ever, had a string break on his base, but he carried on like the professional he is. If you were watching, you saw one of the stands on Fotis’
drum kit fly off, and like the true experienced musician he is, he continued on. Both kept going with such vigor and energy, you never noticed anything might have been wrong. Like someone said to me “Shit happens”. And it’s true, but when you can continue without hesitation, that says a lot about you and the band “SEPTICFLESH”. The only part that isn’t so great in this venue, the lighting, making it hard to capture the artists at their work. And with no photopit, you can’t stand up front to get what could be amazing shots due to the moshers slamming forward. It’s because the stage is so low, almost landing some moshers in the laps of the bands on stage. So image trying to get a photo. Not going to happen when you are carrying expensive gear. So luckily the photos were captured mostly in Seattle.

Amazing 2 shows, I was so lucky to be able to attend and enjoy to the fullest. Last tour with SEPTICFLESH I had the privilege to see 3 shows, but this tour didn’t make it up into Vancouver, BC.  What a shame. But you just know I will be waiting anxiously for their return.