NOVEMBER 9th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Well, driving down I was wondering what this show was going to be like, since both bands I am not familiar with. Doors are at 8pm and it’s a SOLD OUT show.

Not often do you have to stand in line at the Rickshaw, but did tonight. At this point, I am really curious about the show because I only have seen one other metalhead in the line. So into the venue I go, and already the floor has filled a lot, I still managed to acquire my front line spot, and now the wait begins.

The first band doesn’t hit the stage until about 9:30, much later than usual. The down side to this, is it gives the people/fans more time to drink, not always a good thing.

The first band to take the stage tonight is THE JOLTS, who are based out of Vancouver and who formed back in 2004, to a 70ish style of punk rock. Odd, that they have been around that long in the Vancouver scene, and not once have I heard of them. Well, I do now. And I have to say I was impressed once they started to play, they did play a set with great sound, my only problem was that each song pretty much sounded the same, I like to be able to hear some variance to each song. But if you were playing a party, then this is the band for you, it will get you rockin’ especially if you have had a few drinks. Sorry guys, you did an excellent job, just for me, I need some changes on the songs, and maybe some energy to go along with it.  

Okay, next is MISFITS, and I was really looking forward to this band, and it seems like everyone and anyone has only great things to say about them. So did a little research and found out they started 30 years ago in the small town of Lodi, New Jersey. Punk era, so a little hesitant here, because I am not in any way a punk fan, but I am open to new bands. Misfits got their name from Marilyn Monroe’s final movie, and I was told they set out to make an impression. Okay, most of you are going to hate me for this, I was not impressed. Sorry, the vocals didn’t fit in with the music, and for punk, I look for much more energy that what I saw. And maybe that’s why the beer cans were thrown up towards the stage, they weren’t happy either? I am not a fan of people that throw things, if you don’t like the show, leave. Simple. I wasn’t fussy about the band, but stuck around to review, I just don’t get it though, there is something missing from the band, musically it was alright, nothing spectacular, but I don’t think I could get past the vocals here. I am not sure if they just sounded old, or worn out. But I think if only a more vibrant, brutal sounding vocals had been in place with a ton of energy, I may think differently.

Now, like I said I am not a punk fan, and for most of you that know me, I don’t usually have so much negative to say, this is just my opinion on the show.  Really I should have realized in the beginning that this wasn’t going to be like any other metal/rock show I attend, especially with just a handful of metalheads here, but more than normal amount of drunks, (more than a metal show). Everyone has their own opinion, this is like I said, just mine. Many may have really enjoyed, and that’s great. To each their own.