JUNE 24th, 2014
1) You guys have played festivals all over the world, ranging from Warped tour to, most recently, Rock am Ring and Rock im park in Germany along with Download Festival in the UK. What can fans expect from you this summer and what do you think separates Mayhem from a lot of other festivals out there?

Mayhem's lineup is what separates it from the other fests. It's a tour that celebrates a host of different metal types, and blends them together into one awesome tour.  

2) Rise Of The Lion came out not too long ago and there was a lot of reaching out to fans to get involved in some way. Whether it was sending in photos of their tattoos, entering for a chance to get a MMI tattoo and have it be on the album cover etc. Not a lot of bands do that so what made you decide to branch out and allow fans that opportunity?

We wanted this album to have a strong fan connection. The last record was more personal and distant from the fans so this one had the fans in mind. We didn't get here on our own and we know that so it was cool to give back in that way.

3) Listening to At Heart and now Rise of the Lion, it sounds like you all grew a lot from one album to the next. What changed in the time frame between those albums and how was the writing process for Rise of the Lion different in any way from At Heart?

The guys and I are just growing up. The first record everyone was 18-21, and now we are 22-25, its a whole different mentality within the band, and a completely different group of inspirations that keep us going. I think that's the main thing that changes the music, not so much a mental decision to be different but just being different people.

4) Out of all the songs on Rise of the Lion, which was the most challenging to write? Echoes took some time. We had never made a song like that, so they lyrics and vocals challenged Levi and I but we got it done in the end.

5) You're playing with some big bands this summer, anyone in particular that you guys are looking forward to playing alongside?

A7X and Korn are 2 names we never expected to be billed with, these are legends of the metal world and we are going to be alongside them

6) There is no doubt that you guys work hard to deliver everything you've got and are enjoying the well deserved success. Where do you see the band going say five years from now? What more do you want to accomplish that has yet to be tackled?

Hopefully we are still selling records and drawing fans, thats all a band can ask for. We can't stay afloat without those things. 

7) Every band has musical influences who would you say has had a large impact on Miss May I in the early years and currently?

Each member has a different list of favorite bands that they bring to the table. Thats what makes for such diversity between the records.

8) Question for Ryan; You do bass lessons for various skill levels through Bandhappy, how has that been going and what have those experiences been like for you?

The bass lessons are a blast. Its awesome to connect with a fan one on one or in a small group and be able to go in depth about things 

9) You guys started seven years ago back in high school. What do you think your high school selves would say to you now?


10) After Rise of the Lion was released you did a short smaller venue tour. Any particular reason for that? How did those shows compare to your larger tours and venues?

We wanted to give the fans the experience they all had as we were on the way up. We do those small shows all over the world still but no so frequently as we used to, it was cool to get up close and personal.

11) Everyone is going to have a different version of this, but if you could play any dream tour who would be on it and where in the world would you play?

White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, early Manson for me

12) Is there anything you wanted to add that I didn't ask?

Thanks to everyone who has picked up Rise Of The Lion \m/ See you at Mayhem Festival