FEBRUARY 1st 2014
Review/Photos By: Char Tupper

A warm winter night in Anaheim and time to make my way from the NAMM Show to The Grove of Anaheim to take part in the Delve Texas Productions event,  Heinekin NAMM JAM 2014 featuring Jake E Lee and the Red Dragon Cartel, Periphery, The Aristocrats, Jake Allen, and of course, the Jonny Coffin Motorhead themed fashion show. Sponsors for the event included great names like Guitar World, Heinekin, Charvel, Rock-N-Roll Gangstar Apparel, and many others. This was going to be a fun-filled evening of drinks, friends, and good times all around.

The evening started off with JAKE ALLEN who is only 24 years old, is a finger style guitarist and ethereal rock kid, who was a last minute addition to the line-up of NAMM JAM. I will be honest, I didn’t know what to expect especially being one of those “Heavy Metal only” kind of people, but I will say, Jake was full of talent. The voice that came forth was soft, flowing, and had a lot of range and skill. The musicianship in his guitar playing though, I was speechless, the kid has a very unique sound compared to other like-minded musicians in the same genre as himself, but you can tell the passion for the art still lives inside him. Jake Allen was more like a melodic rock, but none the less, he left a real impression on me and I can say countless others around me also felt the same way. Jake played a couple covers, but the one that stuck out to me the most was his cover of Michael Jackson, he nailed that cover like there was no tomorrow. I was happily surprised by Jake’s performance, and wish him a successful future in his musical career.

THE ARISTOCRATS was the next performance, and let me tell you, the room filled up quite quickly for their set. Guthrie Govan of course, the guitar virtuoso was beyond amazing, but alongside his two other bandmates, Marco and Bryan, the band put on quite the show overall. These guys truly have fun while on stage with one another full of smiles and laughs. The Aristocrats formed in late January 2011 thanks to the winter NAMM and a last minute guitar drop out, with Guthrie as that replacement. The stature of all 3 guys was above and beyond, but now, do I dare say “super group” with these 3 guys who are no force to be reckoned with? It may be an over statement, but the crowd does not lie, and they were beyond thrilled to see these guys put on one killer performance.

Time for PERIPHERY to take the stage, now sadly due to upcoming touring schedule overseas and the singer having throat issues, he decided to sit out the show. Of course, this event being a music convention and all, what better timing to do an instrumental show! Let me tell you a little about these guys, Periphery formed back in 2005, and ever since have been playing with major acts like Fear Factory, Animals As Leaders, God Forbid, touring Europe, North America, and so much more. Currently touring in support of their latest record, “Clear”, Periphery is a band that definitely put on a hell of a show tonight considering they were one man down. Full of energy and enthusiasm, these guys were non stop and fast paced, the most metal act of the evening. Keep your eyes peeled for this progressive metal band and don’t miss your chance to see them next time, it will be well worth it.

Now, for the one and only, JONNY COFFIN Motorhead-themed Fashion show. I had to admit, I didn’t know what to expect walking into this fashion show, was Lemmy and the guys going to walk out in sexy Lingerie for us all to see? Gee..sorry ,but I sure hope not! None the less, all jokes aside, some young ladies walked out in fashions influenced  by Motorhead merchandise alongside leather, high heels, spikes, and lots of head banging and whistles from the audience. Motorhead’s music streamed throughout the 30minute fashion show, and I have to admit, it was a pretty cool show, and kind of a unique twist to a rock concert. One thing I will say I was a little sad not to see, since this was a Jonny Coffin fashion show, I was expecting to see Jonny’s coffin cases somehow incorporated into the show in one way or another. That was a little disappointing not to see them involved in the show, since afterall, it is what Jonny is famous for. That aside, the whole fashion show was pretty fun to watch and well, I have to say, was fun to watch the men in the audience whistle and yell in a raging horny madness at them.

Next, the group we had all been waiting for, the almighty return back to the stage, none other than JAKE E LEE and the RED DRAGON CARTEL were up next. Jake E Lee was the former guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne and his post-Ozzy project, Badlands, but now after 20 years of hiatus, has returned to the music scene with his new band mates to form The Red Dragon Cartel. The room grew dark, and with a spotlight, walked out the man himself, Jake E Lee, the audience went absolutely wild for him. The rest of the band walked out and the crowd continued to roar through the room. Performance for the band was amazing, and Jake still played some killer guitar riffs, like we expected anything else? One thing I will say was a little disappointing, the audience (photographers included) all only seemed to draw their attention to Jake. Yes, I do understand that he has been in hiatus for many years, and we are all anxious to see him play, but the whole “come back” wouldn’t be possible without his other bandmates, who also were doing a kick ass job onstage alongside Jake. Sorry, my personal rant *ahem* back to the regular review. Little rant aside, their performance was absolutely amazing, and it was great to see Jake and the guys with smiles on their face, having a great time. Closing their night with a special encore song, “Bark at The Moon”. The show was a hit!!

NAMM JAM 2014 was one killer line-up of artists and bands brought together by Delve Texas Productions, a new production company in the music business, but they are one hell of a production team. The show was amazing, great to see some familiar faces, friends, meet new friends, and most of all, watch some great performances and get a chance to see Jake E Lee back in the music scene. Huge thanks to Delve Texas Productions for putting on this show, great work and cannot wait to see what Texas-sized shows you guys have planned for us eager rockers !!