JANUARY 23rd 2015
Review/Photos By: Char Tupper


The night has arrived, time to partake in the righteous night that is, NAMM JAM 2015. The event was held once again at City National Grove of Anaheim sponsored by Epiphone, Monster Energy Drinks, and countless others. The show line-up was pretty spectacular with the crudely legendary STEEL PANTHER, Jonny Coffin’s AFFLICTION FASHION SHOW, the Swedish metal rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, the gamblers, OTHERWISE, and opening the event was NICK COLIONNE. Alongside the great performances, there was a silent auction being held to benefit the HOUSE OF BLUES MUSIC FORWARD FOUNDATION. Numerous companies and notables made contributions to the auction like signed guitars, prints, gear, and more. All acts that performed tonight were beyond amazing, full of energy, unique, and willing to go the extra mile in their performance to make this show the “Hottest ticket at NAMM”.

First performance was Nick Colionne. Sadly  I was late for their performance due to leaving the NAMM show later then expected, That being said, their performance was really amazing from what I saw. The band was all smiles and good times, no negative vibes were lingering here. Based out of Chicago, IL, this funky jazz musician definitely knew how to get the crowd going, even if jazz wasn’t your cup of tea. Nick himself near the end of the set walked off stage, walked through the audience, danced and sang with people, and truly had fun with it. It was fun to see that not just the “heavy metal rockers” jump off stage and interact with the fans every once in awhile.

The Las Vegas hard rock alternative band, Otherwise, was next to hit the stage. Full of raw energy bouncing around the stage, what all the fans were eager to see and this photographer, managed to punch out shots through, ha ha.  This quintet recently released their new record in 2014, “Peace at All Costs” and has had numerous great reviews, including one here at MetalTitans by our own Metal Mom. Otherwise put on an amazing show to a pretty full house tonight. The constant energy of the band was relentless, and visually entertaining compared to the routine “stand here and play this” routine. Plus, an added bonus, their good friend, Michael Starr was in the audience singing with Adrian(vocals) for a little bit, which was cool to see the headliner showing support for the opening acts of the evening.

It is time for some Hardcore Superstar! These Swedes haven’t played a show on North American soil in 10 years, and we have all waited anxiously for this rare opportunity. Let me just say, my “normal” taste is brutal and heavy to the fullest extent, that being said, these guys blew me away. They aren’t up my usual alley, but going in with an open mind, and hearing nothing but positive things about this band, I was eager to both see and photograph these guys. Forming back in 1997 back in Gothenburg, Sweden, these heavy hitters have numerous #1 hits in their home country, and it is nothing short of amazing to see these guys play at the “NAMM hotspot“ tonight. Hit every note with perfection, visually interesting, and my camera was definitely “shutter happy“ by the end. If you missed these guys at this show, or their own show at Whiskey A Go-Go the next night, damn, you missed out !

Time for a musical intermission, and time to bring out the sexy ladies accompanied by Jonny Coffin and his infamous fashion show, this year sponsored by Affliction Clothing. This fashion show high-lighted one of the biggest names in rock-n-roll fashion with customized prints specifically for the NAMM JAM event. The models themselves had more visual interests like “punk” hair styles, role playing with one another, and simply having fun interactions. The girls did an amazing job showcasing the fashions of Affliction while walking across the stage to soundtracks like Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and numerous others. Closing the show was Mr. Jonny Coffin and his beautiful wife, shortly following every single model taking the final bow as we prepare for a group we have all been waiting for.

It’s time to “Party Like It’s the end of the World” , or at least time to party with Steel Panther ! This is the one band we have all been waiting for. This super group of glam metal full of satirical fun about sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, there is no one quite like Steel Panther these days.  These guys put on one hell of a show, and that goes for every time I see them. I recently saw them back home in Vancouver, BC which was full of half naked girls and everything and anything you could pretty much imagine. Well, this show didn’t quite have so many naked ladies, but, there was some pretty legendary guys that shared the stage with these Glam Metal Panthers. Former member of Megadeth, Marty Friedman got to be welcomed onstage for “Asian Hooker”, since after all, he lives in Japan, no other song really suits Marty more. Marty played phenomenally while teamed up with Satchel and the guys, they all had a blast rocking out and showing off Marty Friedman. The show can’t get anymore amazing, or can it? How about we all go “Gangbang at the Old Folks Home” and steal a certain Tommy Thayer to join on guitar! The legendary KISS guitarist joined the young Panther’s onstage for not one, but two songs including “I Love it Loud”, one of KISS’ classic songs. Tommy also got a chance to showcase his latest signature Epiphone guitar, it was quite the beauty. Steel Panther definitely headlined this show with some class along with sex jokes and laughs along the way.

I got to partake in my first NAMM JAM last year, and that show was pretty great and didn’t know what more to expect for 2015. Let’s just say the Delve Texas Production team didn’t skimp on any details this year, they put on one hell of a show with some amazing special guests to accompany an already fantastic line-up. Thank you Delve Texas, cannot wait for 2016 and the yet amazing surprises you have in store for us.