MARCH 28th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Genre: Grindcore/Metal
Hometown: Birmingham, UK
Record Label: Century Media Records

Mark "Barney" Greenway: Vocals
Shane Embury: Bass
Mitch Harris: Guitar/Vocals
Danny Herrera: Drums

30 years, who would have thought it. But they are still here, cranking out all that noise. This band is still around for a reason. For all the those diehard grindcore fans, who will really appreciate Apex Predator - Easy Meat.

Now for those who are not too sure what grindcore is, here you have it: Grindcore is an extreme genre of music that originated in the early to mid 1980s. It draws inspiration from some of the most abrasive-sounding music genres, including thrash metal, industrial music, noise music and the more extreme varieties of hardcore punk, such as crust punk. So if you don't like any of this style, then the album is not for you.

First song, kind of caught me off guard, this was a little outside the realm of grind, not what I would expect. Not too sure if I really like it or not, almost a chant in the deep dark crevices. For me, it didn't seem to fit, but it was different, so maybe after more listens, it might catch my attention.

The titles for the songs can tell you what this album is all about, making jabs at the political system. Musically it's what we come to expect from Napalm, fast, always on a rampage drum blasts, paralyzing death metal grooves, crippling guitar riffs, and vocals that have your attention as they grind your ear drums to dust, and put this all together to hit you full force in the gut.

Now doesn't that sound like your kind of album, it will if you like your grindcore/metal. Make sure to pick up a copy, and give it a listen yourself.

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