MARCH 8th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

Band Members:
Rob "The Witch" - Vocals/Guitar  
Rick: Drums
Mars: Bass

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Hometown: Montreal, Canada

Track Listing:

01. The Descent
02. Advent of The Human God
03. The Golden Gods
04. Okkultis Trinity
05. Unification of The Four Pillars
06. Crown of Thorns
07. The Fjord
08. Gaia
09 (I) Bringer of Light
10. Innocence And Wrath (Celtic Frost
11. Alchemy of The Avatar

I have to say that this is one of those reviews that all I want to say is “Go get it”, I don’t want to say any more just because it is so damned good. There are 11 songs on this album that do more than just pump out songs, they create a style that is all their own, a sound that captivates and holds your attention the whole way through. This was an album I am more than happy to review.

Always great to see a band that takes their time, figures out what they want, and works on it until they have created exactly what they imagined . So many just crank them out, and they sound the same. All 11 songs have something unique to them, you know when it starts, and when it ends, they don’t blend together. There is a lot of talent here, and once you listen to this album, you will agree.

I can probably count on two hands the albums that I have listened too and enjoyed all the way through. And trust me, I have reviewed many. Necronomicon has achieved a new height in their career, one that will make them stand out above others. The song writing skills shine on this album, there are some fantastic lyrics to listen to. The music side of things, another magnificent piece. All together, Necronomicon “Advent of The Human God” far succeeds any previous albums, yes, they were excellent as well, but I think they have grown, they know what they want and they went after it full force. This album will be a pillar in their discography. Make sure you grab yourself a copy and I am sure you will understand what I mean. This is one Freakin amazing piece of artist ability.

It is also nice to think, they are one of ours, a Canadian metal band, that is growing at every corner of their career. Necronomicon has found their place with the label Season of Mist, who obviously knows and appreciated the talent behind Necronomicon. This is one of those bands that I don’t miss when they come through on tour, and if they don’t come to our town, I make sure to see them in one close by. In my books though, they haven’t been given the true recognition that they deserve, they work hard, endlessly and come up with videos that make a statement, given time, I hope this is soon rectified.

Just listen to this album, and they will leave a mark on you, the lyrics have something to say, just listen to them, and from the beginning, until the end, you are hooked, I dare you to buy this album and not be. You even get a touch of classical on the album, with some incredible drum blasts, guitar riffs that are black metal, bass that thunders, and a little something epic about half way though sounds tribal, add to that some choir, and you have an atmosphere that is almost a ritual. See this is what I am talking about, so much has gone into this album.

The date, March 25th, mark it down, make sure to get out and pick up a copy of this phenomenal, epic, amazing, incredible, impressive, extraordinary, I think you get the idea, what a fantastic album, and one that needs to be in your possession.

Necronomicon: Crown of Thorns: