JANUARY 5th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Worldwide. We are here with Vlad (guitars/vocals) for NECROWRETCH whose hometown is Valence, France. Thank you for doing this interview with us.

1. Where did the name NECROWRETCH originate from? What was the inspiration to name the band this?

Vlad : The Necrowretch is an ugly creature, formerly a priest who has been possessed by hell. This beast only exists into my mind; it’s an unholy conception which became alive with the music.

2. From the beginnings of the band, there was a vision-- and nothing could come between. Is it still the same today?

Vlad : Yes and maybe more than ever. Our only goal is to unleash hell, to drown the listener into a world of death and decay. Everything that is not related to this is secondary, and the most important is that you feel sick when you listen to our music.

3. Where do the ideas come from when creating songs?

Vlad : Mostly from death metal , but also from books, movies, horror related stuff, everything that reeks the unholy.

4. You are working on an album now for a release in January 2015, but this month you released a 7”, ‘Even Death May Die’. This strictly limited 7” will include one brand new track (the title track), as well as an evil cover version of Slayer’s classic song “Black Magic”. What made you decide to put this out now, instead of waiting for the new album?

Vlad : We like to have some other releases instead of just full lengths. The band always spewed out many releases such as demos, EP, compilations. I don’t like the fact that a band only put out one full length every two years, which is a total lack of creativity and way too classic.

5. ‘Even Death May Die’ is worldwide limited to 500 copies of which 400 copies are on black vinyl and 100 on golden vinyl. How do you decide on what to release it on, and how many on black or gold? Is this all your decision or the label’s?

Vlad : We’ve sorted out with the label that it was not necessary to put out too many copies as it’s just an EP with two songs. It will also become something kinda collector with only 500 copies which is a good thing.

6. Brutal looking album cover-- who designed it?

Vlad : As always the artwork was spawned by Milovan Novakovic, who draws for the band since 2010.

7. Explain to people what “Putrid Death Metal” actually means?

Vlad: It means that you will rot while listening to our music!... I don’t like the term “old school death metal” and it just sounds stupid to me, but sadly “death metal” can also be associated with crappy brutal gravity blast shit, so we decided to make our own description for the band, so we’ll not be associated with anything shitty.

8. You knew right away what it was you wanted to do, and you went for it. Do you ever regret any of this?

Vlad : I don’t regret anything, there is no time for this.

9. It must have been a short studio time with only 2 songs, or were these 2 songs done the same time you were in the studio to record ‘With Serpents Scourge’?

Vlad : Yes, everything was recorded during the same session that lasted 8 days.

10. Do you think people will be overly critical about Slayer’s classic “Black Magic”?

Vlad : We do not intent to make something as good as Slayer first album, that is obviously impossible. Show no mercy is a big inspiration for the band and this cover was also a way to salute the memory of Jeff Hanneman, as the metal world as we know it would not exist without him.

11. Have you finished your new album for a 2015 release?

Vlad : Everything is recorded, mixed and mastered. Prepare yourself for horrible doom !!!

12. Who writes the lyrics?  How many songs will be on the new album?

Vlad : I write everything including music, lyrics. Some good friends of mine are giving me extra help for the lyrics though. The album will last as long as the first album but way better arranged.

13. With the recruitment of Ilmar, you have yourself a great lineup. Can you tell us how each of you came to be in NECROWRETCH?

Vlad (guitars, vocals) : Founder of the band.

Amphycion (bass) : Joined the band in 2009 after watching to a bestial show that convinced him to play in the band.

Ilmar (drums) : Joined the band in late 2013 after the departure of former drummer K.Desecrator.

14. What can we expect to hear from your new album, ‘With Serpents Scourge’?

Vlad : Here is a part of the lyrics that shall be a good description :

“It’s the fall of Christian empire… A downfall in darkness, the tear of mankind…”

15. Do you plan to tour in support of your new album?

Vlad : We are working to put out a tour for the next year, stay on alert !

16. What would surprise people the most to learn about NECROWRETCH?

Vlad : That nothing is intended and everything is spontaneous, everything !

17. Who is a real inspiration for you, musically? Why?

Vlad : Chuck Schuldiner of course, as he’s a good example of someone who started from nothing and created an entity that will forever stand in metal history.

18. Would you like to add to this interview, maybe something I missed asking that you want people to know?

Vlad : Thanks for your unholy support ! See you in a future live ritual, and until then stay fucking possessed!!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish you much success with ‘Even Death May Die’, and of course you new album to be released in 2015, ‘With Serpents Scourge’.