AUGUST 28th 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with Matt Asselberghs of NIGHTMARE.  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.
1. The band has been around for nearly 3 decades now, with the exception of the 10 year absence, what keeps NIGHTMARE motivated ?

Well, the passion for the music and the stage experience which is a real drug actually :) !!
2.  I am sorry to say that I had not heard of the band until recently, so can you tell me if you have always played the power heavy metal style ?

Well, I don't really like when people put a title on a type of metal, Nightmare always wrote some heavy metal music and we getting more thrash with the times with a lot of influences from here and there !
3.  For others like myself, tell us how each of your members came to be in the band:
Franck Milleliri (Guitars) - Franck joined the band for Domion gate album he replaced one of the former guitar player Nico.
David Amore (Drums & Machines) - well David joined the band during the reunion show as a drummer and as Jo's Brother !
Jo Amore (Lead Vocals) - always been there but at first he was the drummer during the two first albums in the 80's and then singer in 2000.
Yves Campion (Bass & vocals) -always been there and still awesome on stage :)
Matt Asselberghs (Guitars) - I arrived in 2012 during the recording process of Burden of god, I record solos on this one.
4. Was power heavy metal an easy genre to establish yourselves in Grenoble ?
(for those who don’t know, a city in southeastern France, at the foot of the French Alps)

I would say more in FRANCE in general ahaha ! Heavy metal in France is really complicated, France is more into aggressive music like brutal death, death metal and so on, so yes it's hard to be part for real of this French scene and to defend our music !
5.  Who wrote the lyrics for the album ?  Was there some inspiration for the songs ?
A major part of the lyrics are written by Yves who is very inspired by life in general and movies en the vein of The day after tomorrow or those kinda stuff, they work together with Jo to make lyrics with sense.
6.  Do each of the members create their own riffs, drum blast for the album, or is it all done for them, they learn it, then its recorded ?

The recording process is very simple, Franck and I are writing the mains riffs then everyone tries to put their stuff into it… and then the song grows more and more to finally arrive to the end, so this is a team process !
7.  Really cool design for the album cover, how did you come up with that image ?

At first Jo took a beautiful picture of a tree in the middle of nowhere with snow around, then I call up my friend Anthony Mouchet with who I used to work a lot for my other projects, and he did a very great job.
8.  When you decide on how many songs to put on the album, is this a hard decision, or do you just have so many to put on ?

Well it comes naturally actually, we would never think something like “A real album needs 12 tracks” this is bullshit, look what Maiden did in the 80's 8 tracks and you're dead ! So I prefer a great album of 8 or 10 tracks than one with 25 track and 15 to cut ! Ahahah :)
9.  Do you have a favourite personally ?  Why that one ?

Well I have three actually, Forbidden tribe, Bridge is burning and I am Immortal.

10. Where was the recording, mixing done for “The Aftermath” ?

The mixing and the mastering were done at the Dreamsound studio in Munich with Mario and Jan ! Who are really outstanding guys and real professional !
11.  How did you come up with the name The Aftermath for the album ?

 The Aftermath just follows by perfection the album now it's your turn to guess what all of this means :)
12.  Do you plan to tour to support the album ?  Any plans yet on where ?

Fuck yeah, we already started actually, with beautiful dates like Dubai, Hellfest, we have Wacken open air, Rommelrock in Belgium, then a great tour with The Wacken Road Show in October/November during 3 weeks.
13.  June 20th it will be HELLFEST for you guys, are you excited for this ?  Will you be playing some of your new songs ?

Fuck yeah it was an outstanding gig with a real dedicated crowds there ! We played three off our new album and the crowd just reacted very well !
14.  After Hellfest what are your plans ?

As said before, Wacken Open Air in August, it's gonna be crazy ahaha and then the tour !
15.  Have you ever wanted to do or try something different other than being in a band ?

Well personally yes, I still really have a dream to be part of the Airforce in the army and be a great Pilot...I’m a really die hard history addict !! So I hope one day I will have the chance to climb up in the sky with a P_51 ! :)
16.  What would surprise us the fans most about NIGHTMARE ?

That this album is going to be for sure different, but for sure the best album of Nightmare since a while !! So check this out !
17.  Is there anything you would like to add here that I may have missed asking that you think we should know ?

Everything went perfectly :)

Hope you had fun at Hellfest, and hopefully one day you will hit North American shores. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview here with us at Metaltitans.