APRIL 14th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom

Never before have I been so hard pressed to try and write up a review for any album in the last 4 years, since I have been doing this. “This one“, well it’s just so amazing, outstanding, above and beyond any album that I have reviewed. I have never not been able to write while listening to a CD before, but this is a first, it’s not possible to write and listen at the same time. Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” is just that. Here listen to this song, and you will get the jest of what I am saying:


See, there is something about the music, the vocals, the powerful impact it has on you it’s so astounding, I literally have to shut it off and write this. I bought this album as soon as it became available in the stores. I still haven’t changed CD’s. I truly am speechless to try and capture the true essence of this album, to explain just how truly stunning this is.

Let’s do some basics first, this is the 8th studio album from Nightwish, the album was inspired by the work of naturalist Charles Darwin.  The first album without drummer Jukka Nevalainen, Kai Hahto (Wintersun/Swallow the Sun) took over drumming duties for this album. It’s also the first album with singer Floor Jansen, who has the absolute vocal ranges to make this album stand out above the rest. Also the first to feature Troy Donockley who plays uillean pipes and other various instruments on Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum, as full time member. Famous evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins appears at the beginning in a talking role, he accepted the invite especially after listening to the music of Nightwish.  

I will try my best to review this album, but all I want to say … DAMN .. This is so amazing, breathtaking, extraordinary, spectacular….I think you get the idea. An album that to me, will be the # 1 release of 2015. I don’t imagine anything could touch this.

Nightwish has always stood for superiority, taking us places we have never been. They have an amazing ability to take us on a journey, to reach inside and touch your imagination. Each of the members, create something that …. is so different from any other band, no matter the genre. The musical talent, the song writing ability, the vocals, are all overwhelming really, how do you describe something so good that you just know that the music runs through the veins like blood for each member.

NIGHTWISH - Shudder Before The Beautiful (OFFICIAL TRACK)

It has been 4 years since their last album “Imaginaerum”, and oh boy was this worth the wait. I remember I was lucky enough to see the first show that Floor did in Seattle, WA, and was struck by her voice which has the grace and power to capture your heart and soul. This may have been the first for her to sing like this, but she nailed it, giving the songs just that extra attention, and giving us so much.

What I feel is the band as a whole, put 150% together into this album, and it shows. When you have all the members of the band working together .. Boy does it show. The orchestra and choir just adds the “piece de resistance” to the album.

There is just so much to this album, the theme behind it, Darin , the lyrics on areas of biology, evolution and science. Hated all that in school myself, if only it had been more like Nightwish’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” I would have aced my classes.

This album is one for the history books, it will leave a mark, a positive one for sure. All you need to do is listen, and it is safe to say, you won’t be able to do anything other that just that. Never, has there been an album that has touched me like this, it’s “most” beautiful, it’s breathtaking, something that stands out, they have definitely gone above and beyond with this one. Now please excuse me, while I once again listen to “Endless Forms Most Beautiful“.

Track Listing:
01. Shudder Before the Beautiful  
02. Weak Fantasy (Hietala, Holopainen)
03. Élan
04. Yours Is an Empty Hope (Hietala, Holopainen)  
05. Our Decades in the Sun (Hietala, Holopainen)
06. My Walden (Holopainen, Hietala)  
07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
08. Edema Ruh  
09. Alpenglow  
10. The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (Instrumental)
11. The Greatest Show on Earth
   I. Four Point Six
  II. Life
 III. The Toolmaker (Hietala, Holopainen)
 IV. The Understanding
  V. Sea-Worn Driftwood  

I don’t , nor ever have rated a CD in the years that I have been doing this, but I think it is a must for this one. Definitely without a doubt 10/10. Superb album.

Nightwish has started their tour, if they are in a city near you, make sure to grab yourself a ticket, a lot of the shows have already SOLD OUT, once you have seen them live, I can tell you - you will be hooked. Here are the dates:

4/09 - New York, N.Y. - Hammerstein Ballroom
4/10 - Philadelphia, Pa. - Electric Factory
4/11 - Worcester, Mass. - The Palladium
4/13 - Quebec City, Quebec - Capitole Theater
4/14 - Toronto, Ontario - Phoenix Concert Theater
4/16 - Buffalo, N.Y. - Town Ballroom
4/17 - Cleveland, Ohio - Agora Theater
4/18 - Chicago, Ill. - Concorde Music Hall
4/19 - Des Moines, Iowa - Val Air Ballroom
4/21 - Denver, Colo. - Ogden Theater
4/22 - Salt Lake City, Utah - In the Venue
4/24 - Spokane, Wash. - Knitting Factory
4/25 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Orpheum Theater
4/26 - Portland, Ore. - Crystal Ballroom
4/28 - San Francisco, Calif. - Warfield Theater
4/30 - Las Vegas, Nev. - House of Blues
5/01 - Los Angeles, Calif. - The Greek Theater
5/02 - Phoenix, Ariz. - Marquee Theater
5/03 - El Paso, Texas - Tricky Falls
5/05 - Dallas, Texas - Bomb Factory
5/06 - Houston, Texas - Warehouse Live
5/08 - Orlando, Fla. - House of Blues
5/09 - Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Revolution
5/11 - Nashville, Tenn. - Marathon Music Works
5/12 - Louisville, Ky. - Expo Five
5/13 - Charlotte, N.C. - The Fillmore
5/14 - Silver Springs, Md. - The Fillmore