APRIL 25th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


The Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver is a historic venue, the theatre officially opened on November 7, 1927 as a vaudeville house.  In the early 30s, the Orpheum became primarily a movie house, 1975 saw it close for renovations and it re-opened April 2, 1977.  The theatre was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1979. The seating capacity of this venue is 2,780. Now you have a little history of the Orpheum Theatre.

Of the three bands playing tonight, the opener is DELAIN, a Dutch symphonic metal band, who I have come to enjoy very much.  I first saw the band in September of last year when they came through with Sonata Arctica and Xandria.  I was impressed then, and I am just as impressed now. I will say this, they may be an opening band, but they have grown to be so much more. This was a terrific start to the night. They played a variety of songs, my favourite “Get the Devil out of me”, along with many others, the is no mistaking the talent behind the members in this band. Absolutely amazing.

SABATON, the heroes of Sweden, came to Vancouver last year in October with Amon Amarth, and it was one of many times I have seen them play. I don’t miss them whenever they come to town, I would never forgive myself. High energy, happy, extremely talented and always, they give 150% to the crowds. They played a multitude from their albums, 10 songs if you were counting. And if you listen, you can hear the crowd singing right along with them. Each member just throws themselves into their performances, they catch your attention and they don’t let go for the whole set. There is no other band that can make me feel as good as I do after seeing them. Sorry, can’t pick just one song of theirs as my favourite, because I enjoy each and every song. Nothing better than watching a band, who you enjoy, captivate the crowd like Sabaton does. In fact, this was a venue that had seats up to about 2 feet from the stage, and every single person was standing, cheering, singing, hands raised. What a chill. At the end of each song, the crowd applauded for awhile, they were just that good. I think it even rubbed off on Joakim, who a few times said we gave him chills. The feelings were mutual. During the show Joakim spotted a young one, asked his name and age, the boy was only 9, this show was all ages, and Joakim decided that because he was young he deserved something special, Joakims’ very own sunglasses that he was wearing, now how special is that, and Chris came over and threw a pick to him, (sadly, some mean hearted grabbed and kept it). Sabaton, never disappoints, such energy, such fun, multitude of  exceptional songs, just all around amazing band. Have to say though, that I feel strange being so happy and excited, while they sing about the wars, and the people who served in them. All I can say, is please, keep doing what you do because there is none other like yourselves, that give so much. This is the band SABATON, that I came for tonight. At the end of the night, there were so many amazed by them, seeing them for the first time, so the following grows. I really hope, I am selfish here, that next time you come back as a headliner, only so that I can have more time to sing and just be blown away watching you on stage. You’re the champions, your incomparable, beyond compare, and with that, I am pretty sure I have let everyone know who stole the show tonight. Come back soon,  I never get tired of listening and watching you play. Recently Sabaton also won two nice awards I the Dalecarlia Music Awards, congrats everyone. Something I forgot to add here, in all the years, all the shows I have covered, I have never ever seen a standing ovation for a band, tonight that changed, SABATON received just that, because of their extraordinary performance of particularly high acclaim.

Up next is the headliner, NIGHTWISH, who I first saw when Floor took over vocal duties in Seattle October of 2012. Another band that captures your attention for the night. Nightwish were filming this show in it’s entirety for a future DVD. There were plenty of cameras, cords, booms, and limited space on stage for the band. If you sat too far back, I image you didn’t get to see the unique mic stands they used, they looked to be people, one holding Tuomas’s keyboards on his shoulders, another holding the mic above his head for Marco, and I couldn’t really see the other side of the stage for the 3rd, this, all adding to the stage presence.  Floor entered the stage in a black outfit with black leather pants, high heeled boots with chains, sequences, which her outfit had as well. This made for a visual beauty, especially with that voice. But don’t let that beauty fool you, she can also head whirl with the best of them. They played 17 songs, a variety for sure, but my favourites from this set were from their new album “ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL”, as I find this album to be one of their very best, succeeding all previous. Such a masterpiece in my opinion. Definitely the crowd was enthralled with their performance tonight. The backdrop for their set changed a few times because of the DVD filming, but it also gave us a lot more to the show as well. The only downside to the filming, was there wasn’t much movement on stage, I understand it though because of all the cameras/cords, but it is what I am use to, I missed it, but it didn’t deter from their performance at all. I was lucky enough to get the full force of the show as I stood right up front, not because of the filming, but it’s where I enjoy the show, to see every aspect of the performance, and to see just how unrivalled they truly are, they have a vision, a story to tell, and we were there to hear it. You will notice that this tour doesn’t have drummer Jukka Nevalainen, who stepped away from drum duties due to chronic insomnia, replacing him is Kai Hahto (Wintersun, Swallow the Sun, Trees of Eternity) who I might add did an excellent job. Also Troy Donockley (pipes, whistles, vocals) added his talent to the show to make it even more enjoyable. Nightwish really did an amazing job. I have to say that this band has something different to offer, it’s unique, with so much to give. This really was the “Last Ride of the Day”.

All 3 bands, all unique in their own ways, giving the crowds their best. What more can you ask for. Another great thing about this show, no moshers, no one hurt, I didn’t have to spend time looking over my shoulder for crowd surfers, and moshers who get out of control. So, this show by far -  the best show of 2015.

I am probably going to get some feedback here because I called it the best of 2015, but it’s not about genre people, metal, death, thrash or hardcore, it’s all about whether you like the music.