JANUARY 1st 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

This is an amazing new project developed by musicians Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Erik Martensson (Eclipse/W.E.T.). There is nothing better than getting something this good in my inbox to review. The only problem is that I have it playing in the background, and I am continually forgetting what I am typing. You won't be disappointed at all with the talent behind this project.

Track listing:
01. The War Has Begun
02. Hypocrisy
03. Wide Awake
04. Every Heartbeart
05. When Death Is Calling
06. 21 Guns
07. Falling
08. The Other Side
09. Point Of No Return
10. True Love Awaits You
11. Go

NORDIC UNION consists of:
Ronnie Atkins:Lead & Background Vocals
Erik Martensson: Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Background Vocals
Magnus Ulfstedt: Drums

Guest Guitar Solos:
Thomas Larsson, guitar solo on "Every Heartbest" & "Wide Awake"
Fredrik Folkare, guitar solo on "Point Of No Return" & "Hypocrisy"
Magnus Henriksson, guitar solo on "The War Has Begun"

Mark the date down, Frontiers Music Srl will release the self-titled debut album from NORDIC UNION on "JANUARY 29, 2016". I can tell you right now, that if asked, I could not pick just one song as my favourite, each gives me something, and I didn't listen to it just once, you can't, you have to listen over and over, because you can't believe just how overwhelming good this is. What was created here is a monumental melodic hard rock album with a lot of exceptional songs, that for many of us, I think we will all identify with.

The association between the two Scandinavians worked well and between the two of them, they have created some amazing musical magic, which will truly impress us all, it did me, and I am not that easily impressed these days. Their creations on the album had some great melody and superb guitar work. Trust me when I tell you that these songs will not leave your head. In fact it is the kind of music, you put into the car CD player, roll down the windows, open the sun roof, and just crank it up and sing as loud as you can, in full glory.  

Thank you for such an amazing CD to review, this was really a treasure.