SEPTEMBER 18th 2015

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


ZUCKUSS, a Star Wars Inspired Pornogrind out of Vancouver, BC. Formed back in 1997. Their goal was to make three trilogies, a total of 9 albums of Star Wars inspired Pornogrind, they figure to finish this task by the year 2027. In the meantime you can catch them when they play a show, like tonight. This is my first experience listening to Zuckuss, and well, just not my style, I didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t a beat I could band my head too, and I didn’t enjoy the vocals at all. But if it is the style they enjoy, then that is all that matters.

Next is the opening band for this tour - DARK SERMON, (Tampa, FL) and I had the distinct pleasure of watching them for the second time this year, they came with Fit for An Autopsy in May, and I was impressed then and am now. I did enjoy this set much more, this is definitely a band that stands out above the other black death metal/death core bands, they have a mystical insanity about them, while crushing some evil morbid tunes. They really cranked out their songs, whether heavy, fast or whatever they decided to give us, they executed their set to perfection. For me, Dark Sermon stole the night, excellent set, and hope they return again soon.

BLACK CROWN INITIATE, (Reading, PA) I missed them last time they were in town in February, as the doors opened too soon and couldn’t get into town, they were first up. But I knew what this band was all about, I have never missed them, and I have seen their sets numerous times over the years. Another band that stole the night, even though they had technical issues, they gave 150% and it showed. Having only formed in 2013, they have really created a name for themselves, everyone talks about this band, a lot of people follow them. Just taking a look around the room and you could see the crowd was enthusiastic for them. Standing up front, fully enjoying, head banding (my way), and it never is long enough, you just start getting into the music and it’s over. Don’t miss Black Crown Initiate, they have created a style all their own and it works, you will enjoy every minute of their set.

Up next is KING PARROT (Melbourne, Australia), they formed back in 2010, but until now I have never seen them play live. And I am not sure what to think, they are not one of those groups that hits me full on and is a fantastic group, maybe it will take a couple of times, not sure. Looking around the room, everyone was full on enjoying. I guess I don’t really care about looking at someone’s bare ass on stage, that is not really a bonus ;) And truthfully, okay, maybe just for me, it takes away from the music. Sorry guys, just not my style. But like I said, everyone else around me was enjoying.

Last, is CATTLE DECAPITATION, (San Diego, Calif) now these guys I have not seen since 2009, a long time, and I honestly have to say, I might have enjoyed, might, if only Travis wasn’t spitting up into the air, catching it in his mouth, or snorting the last spit up his nose. Come on, why bother with something like that, it really isn’t appealing or shocking, it is just gross. Again, this is only my opinion. So for me, I tried to stay and give a real good listen, but nope, I left after a few songs. Seriously though, this stuff doesn’t need to be done, your music should be what attracts and brings the people in. There were people leaving the same time as me, but then, once again, there were people who really were enjoying their set. I can watch, and smell what is Watain, and stay the whole set, and really enjoy, but Cattle just put me off.