MAY 30th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here NOSTALGIA  who come from the capital and the largest city in Peru, Lima. This interview will give you some insight into a depressive and extreme band out of that country.  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  How did you come up with the name “Nostalgia” for your band?

Hello my friends of Metaltitans I’m Neandro from this little piece of shit called Peru. To explain the name of the band I would have to go back through my memory and most tragic past, and tell you that Nostalgia in my opinion is "bad" and "good" word, and that the reason for the name of the band, and I want to express evil and goodness in my music and this is like the word of God that punishes and rewards.

2.  Tell us how each of the members came into the band.

Well in the band there are only two members for now. The first and most important it’s me Neandro R. Esteves as the singer, as the mastermind and as a fucking Rockstar. And finally Fernando Minei who is the Nostalgia´s bassist and a very difficult person to understand, like me. A great musician, who understands my twisted ideas.

3.  Who formed the band, and when?

I founded Nostalgia in 2007, in my hometown Bellavista (Callao, which is a province of the capital Lima) as a solo project where I expressed all my torments and phobias. After a few years Nostalgia materialized in a band to date.

4.  What was the most important thing for you when forming Nostalgia ?

Me and my bad situations, Nostalgia is me and all I did and I do.

5.  Is this something you have always dreamed of doing?

Since I was a child I wanted to dedicate to music, and I have always eaten and vomited music, it's my first memory of childhood. I always wanted to play guitar, drums and sing, I always dreamed of having a Rock and Roll band and be an idol of crowds. I have a megalomaniac character. But I never imagined that I create a band like Nostalgia, what is more than a band, it's a fundamental part of me, is my punishment and my prize, is my ghost that haunts, as I tell them I never thought myself in a band like Nostalgia what is a dangerous too, if you really know me you would sure why. I think I'm going far away from the question, so I can tell you for sure that I am fulfilling a dream and I fulfilling my kid’s desire, making music, having my band and being a Rockstar. I'm living the dream.

6.  If you could not be in a band, what would you be doing now ?
If I not be in a band, I doing music for myself. If I not be in a band I have more free time and I’m full time to finish writing my books of poetry, start writing a novel, would be dedicated to other types of art.

7.  Is it easy to create your music in Peru ?

In Peru is easy to make music, there are lots of different musical genres bands. It’s difficult to keep a band, make it profitable, being known, find places to play, it is very difficult to promote your music and your band, because here people don’t give much importance to music, there is a little musical culture in Peru. Any guy who tries to live form his music, be it Rock and Roll, Metal, Punk, Reggae, didn’t well because here the national music isn’t  valued, unless popular musical.

8.  Why did you choose a depressive/extreme genre to create your music?
These are labels that people put us, I don’t catalog into a label, but acknowledge that helps differentiate itself from other bands. I just chose to do music for exteriorized my thinking, my way of seeing life, seeing people, seeing the world. I did not choose to Depressive Metal, it chose me.

9.  You have an EP out called “Negativo”, who wrote the lyrics for it?

I wrote all music and all lyrics. Do you like my lyric? I know that you like.
10.  Where do the ideas come from when you create the songs  ?

Come from me, come from my mind, from my interests, my moods, from my states of schizophrenic and cocktails. Everything depends of my moments.

11.  Is this the first release from the band?

No, please no, I understand that you don’t know a lot of us. You recently became a Nostalgia’s fan so you’re forgiven. Negative is our recent EP is a production over a wide our discography. I will name a few, the others will have to look. We have in our discography: Entre las puertas del suicidio (2008), Psycho sexual girl (2009), Give me more of poison (2011), A 512 devil music Vol 2 (2011).

12.  Who was the artist for the cover of Negativo?
I'm the one on the cover and the pictures was made by my fiancee Karen.

13.  Did the artist have their own ideas, or did you give them some to work with?

We worked together in the Negativo’s art, but I confess that in some situations Karen has exceeded my crazy ideas.

14.  What is next for Nostalgia?

We’re now dedicated exclusively to playing live and giving interviews. In the near future I will return the compositions of our second full-length CD. For now the show’s agenda is full.

15.  Where do you see yourself as a band in about 5 years?

In 5 years I see the band so active always playing with more discography, touring around the world, most famous, oldest and always crazy. In 5 years you will have made us many interviews, in 5 years we will play in Vancouver.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us at Metaltitans .

Thanks Metaltitans, thanks to you we’re coming to Vancouver and Canada, I hope this is not the only interview we conducted. Thanks to all who read us and especially to those who listen to us, Nostalgia without you would only be cries and noises of a madman, for you we are a band of hedonists and egotistical, for you we keep sharing our music. We hope we have captured new fans today, and if we had not made it, and more will come.

For all you want to hear and download our new EP Negativo, recently published by No Remorse Records from Gibraltar, and our entire discography enter here
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 Now I leave you all, Love Me or Hate me, up to you.