DECEMBER 3rd 2017



Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment, worldwide. We are here with Cameron Boesch of Nullingroots. Thank you for doing this Written Interview with us.

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Interview By: Metal Mom

1.How did you come up with the name for the band? What does it mean?

It was a song title of an old project I had. It means to nullify one’s roots as a person. The idea of yearning the ability to seize existing. Either that, or to put it blatantly, committing suicide. It’s a weird and inherently pessimistic name. The name doesn’t sound macabre before knowing its meaning.

2.When did the band originally form?

In February of 2014. It was formed as a full line up, which many might not know, but remained so for only a brief time, until I relocated states. There exists one photo of a different line up somewhere on the internet. However, we never started playing shows during that time.

3.Tell us how the band members came into Nullingroots

I met Deacon through Craigslist. He was playing in the folk/punk (I’m not sure) band Andrew Jackson Jihad (now AJJ.) We met Alex very shortly after, also from Craigslist. We have not yet found a permanent bass player. Andrew is Alex’s friend from the band Depraved Heretic, in which Alex also plays live guitar in. Andrew plays with us live because he’s not looking to join a band full time. Tracy is Alex’s sister. She has filled in for us live when Andrew was unavailable.

4.What was the inspiration behind putting Nullingroots together?

Answer) I relocated to Arizona while this was a one-man project of mine. The main reasoning for playing live is simply because I didn’t know anyone in Phoenix, and the large majority of my friends have always been musicians. So I thought I’ll just make this a full band to resolve that issue.

5.Why choose the style of post black metal?

I’m into most subgenres within extreme metal, but post black is one of my favorites. Also, I just write this genre the best. I like tech death; Artificial Brain is one of my favorite bands. However, I wouldn’t start or join a tech death band because I don’t think my guitar abilities are up to par with the genre. I wanted to pick a genre that I know I do well in.

6.Who writes the lyrics for the band? Where do you get the ideas from to write?

We have all written lyrics for our songs. I’ll speak for myself only, but my ideas come from just plain bad experiences. It’s good to be able take something that is bad and force it into something productive, and therefore good. 

7.You are about to release a new album, “Into the Grey”, why did you choose that name?

It’s a metaphor for entering a life of unfulfilment and monotony. It’s based within the lyrical content in some of the songs.

8.There are 5 songs on the album, did it take long from writing, to getting it all down on CD?

Yes and no. The album was written gradually over the course of like a year and a half. A small handful of the riffs were written before our prior album Take Care was even released. Some portions of this album were a long wait until officially recorded, while other portions were written much closer to the time of recording.

9. Do you yourself have a favorite song on this album, and why that one?

It’s a toss-up between Rust and The Morning That Killed the World. From a guitar playing perspective, I like The Morning… more. The riffs are very diverse and fun to play. But I really like the first section of Rust, too.

10. Was it an easy process, or some changes along the process of recording/mixing?

It was real easy. We all have extensive recording experience, so it was standard and simple.

11. What can people expect to hear on this album?

They can expect to hear our prior album Take Care, but with a lot more variety. What I mean by that, is jamming with another guitarist for the first time in this band, really broadens my ideas riff wise. So just different sounding riffs, it’s hard to explain. I’m also just better at vocals now, so that sounds different as well. 

12. It is coming out online as a grey on grey splatter vinyl and digipack CD, did you choose how to put it out, or does the label decide?

We pitched the idea of a grey splatter type look. Prosthetic made the design.

13. How did it come about that you were signed to Prosthetic Records? Did you pick them, or they you?

My friend Dennis from Ghost Bath knew we were looking for a label, so he recommended us to one of Prosthetic’s guys. Thankfully they liked what they heard.

14. What was the very first band you played in?

Well, the first traceable band that I played in, that received any fraction of success, was a brutal death metal band named Abhorration, from Los Angeles. We sounded like Disgorge, Pyaemia, Guttural Secrete, bands like that. We played several of the well-known death fests across America, even. There were some really fun times had in that band. The first actual band I played with was this band called Deficient Creation. We never did much except play like four shows and managed to get banned from the Whisky A-Go-Go, in Hollywood. There’s not too much to comment on about that band.

15. You have a release party for the album in Tempe, Arizona on November 15th, and it is FREE. Tell me how you manage to do it free, it must cost to reserve the venue, I know you will have people purchase the album, but how does that work. I know a lot of bands do this.

Our drummer Deacon set up the show. I’m not really sure of the specifics, as I’ve never set up a show myself. I do know that the venue we’re playing at often has free shows, though.

16. When you were growing up, had you always wanted to be in a band?

Yes, to my own detriment. I prioritized it much more than anything else when I was younger. I was a stereotype of an angsty teenager who just wanted to make it big in music.

17. Was there someone that you looked up to and wanted to be just like him?

I’ve wondered before if it would be cool to live certain people’s lives, at least for a day, but never to be like them. I’m cool with my own identity. But to answer the question, not particularly, no. 

18. After your release party, do you plan on doing any touring to support?

Not immediately. We’re hoping summer of 2018, though.

19. If so, can we ask where that might be, if you can tell us.

We’re hoping to at least travel around surrounding states. Maybe like a west coast run.

20. Is there anything you would like to add to the interview that I might have missed asking?

We got a huge chunk of a new album written. It would not be unrealistic if we recorded at least some of this new album in 2018.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success with the new album “Into The Grey”.