JUNE 30th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Jason Campbell, vocalist and guitarist for the band Obsidian. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1. How did you come up with the band name, what kind of inspiration was behind it ?

Our bass player Aurélia came up with the name after reading a book referencing to Obsidian Hell and she really liked the sound and meaning behind it, so we went with Obsidian! The name Obsidian comes from a rock produced during a volcano eruption, puking out a hard black stone, that sounded fairly metal to us!

2. What made you form a metal band over the other genres out there ?

We all love the different types of metal that bands out there produce, we've individually played in different types of bands outside of metal, but we all get that hair on the back of your neck standing up, goose bumps on your arm, that great feeling when playing in Obsidian, we were born to do this metal thing!

3. There are 4 members in the band, yourself, Daniel Clark (guitar/backup vocals), Aurélia Falaize (bass), and Stefan Stass on drums, tell us how each of them came to be in Obsidian.

Stefan, Aurélia and myself met at our local music store, they just moved into town from living in Winnipeg for five years. Stef and I met up that night to discuss music, I showed his some demo I had recorded, he was really into the songs I had. About a month later, we jammed as a three piece, with the full intent on finding a second guitarist. We had three songs after that first jam, one of which ended up on our first album Time Erodes. After jamming for a few months, we had five or six songs, from there we began looking for our second guitarist and had a number of guys come out. We worked with our first guitarist Austin, playing a number of gigs and then right before we started recorded he left to go back to school. We needed a fill in guitarist for a show, we put out a few calls to friends, and Daniel's girlfriend at the time said he would able to do it, I was a little shocked because he was singing for another band and I didn't even know he could play guitar. We played the gig with him, asked him if he wanted to join and he's been with us since contributing guitar and vocals to Time Erodes!

4. Some of those members hail from France and Germany, did they live there, and moved here because it was easier, or they live here now ?

Aurélia is from France, growing up there, taking classical piano from an early age, playing guitar and then moving onto the bass, playing in bands in Europe and in Winnipeg before moving to Vancouver.

Stefan is from Germany, playing in a lot of bands in Germany, having one of his bands signed to Locomotive over there, as well as playing in a couple bands in Winnipeg before moving to Vancouver.

5. Were you in any bands before this ? Are you still in that band ?

We aren't sure at this point, we did for the last album, we aren't sure how much a full album stream really helps the exposure of a band at our level or not. I've been getting conflicting reports of full album streams, versus one or two songs, so the jury is out. We do have some different promotional things we are going to throw out there that should get some laughs none the less.

6. You had a CD release in July of 2015, and are now working on a new album, what can people expect to hear from the new album ?

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we released Time Erodes, we are very happy with what we did on that album. We feel that this new album is a great progression from what we did on Time Erodes to where we are musically today. It is still an Obsidian album, but we have some different flavors throughout the album that we feel will appeal to just about everyone who loves metal! We have aggressive kick in your face songs like High Crimes and Treason, Time To Burn and War Torn, coupled with groovier songs that are equally as heavy like High Water Anxiety, Innocence and Trouble Light Warning, but you will have to wait and hear!

7. Do you have a title for it yet, can you tell us what it is, and where you got the idea from to call it what you did ?

No title as of yet, once we choose a cover and start mixing, things will come together and we will have a better idea, and we'll let you know!

8. Who composes the lyrics for your music ?

I write the bulk of the lyrics as the lead singer, Daniel has contributed on a number of them.

9. Is it easy to come up with lyrics or do you use something, an idea from something to help you write ?

I write the bulk of my lyrics at the beach, it's like I clear my head, put life aside for a while, sometimes it can be challenging, sometimes things just flow, it really depends on topic, mood, so many things can hinder or help the writing process.

10. How many songs will be on the album ?

Right now we have twelve songs nearly finished up on the recording portion, we hope to start mixing in June!


11. Who will do the artwork for it ?

At this point we have three or four cover designs to pick from, I have a buddy in Brazil who did out Time Erodes cover. There is a 99% chance it will be his artwork again.

12. Do you have a mixer/producer yet that will do all the work putting it together ?

I have my own home studio, I track all our albums, we were considering having an outside source mix the album, but to stay on budget I'll be mixing the new album. We are deciding on a mastering engineer right now.

13. Does it take a long time to put the album from writing to finished product ?

That's a loaded question, that can be different from album to album and band to band. Time Erodes took eleven months from start of recording to CDs in hand, we are pushing for a substantially less amount of time on this album. We started writing songs as soon as Time Erodes started it’s recording process, so awhile I guess.

14. How about practice time, do you do a lot of it to get it all down, or change it before heading in to record ?

We are always bending, tweaking songs from writing, rehearsals, and right up until the songs are completed in the recording process. We had one song on the new album called Among the Masses, the chorus changed three or four times before we headed into the studio to track drums! On Time Erodes had parts added during the recording that weren't the same as when we began tracking, we aren't afraid of change!

15. Will you stream it ?  Tell us what the benefit is to this, labels seem to like it, but the bands don't .

We aren't sure at this point, we did for the last album, we aren't sure how much a full album stream, I've been getting conflicting reports of full album streams, versus one or two songs...

16. Do you have an expected release date for the album yet ?

We are hoping for the first week of September, we are racing forward to get things wrapped up to make that deadline, plus we are playing a couple festivals around that time, so want to have the CD's for those as well!

Thank you Jason for sitting down and talking to Metaltitans. We look forward to your new album.

Thanks for the interview! I hope to do another one once the new album is out!