APRIL 22nd 2015

Review by Kathleen Clarkson

Oceano death metal hard-core band originating from Chicago Illinois current members being Adam Warren on vocals, Scott Smith on rhythm guitar, Michael Kasper on lead guitar, and Chris Wagner on bass.  In March, Oceano released their fourth album Ascendants. This is a "concept album" fully loaded with nine tracks and is certain to give complete satisfaction to all of their fans. The first track Nephilim is a full explosion of total intense death metal, complete with pure assaultive vocals. It sets the tone for the rest of the album ensuring each song flows directly into the next maintaining the true death metal sound through the last track 9 External Existence. Lead singer, Warren has groveling vocals that the true death metal fans are going to completely appreciate; the guitars and bass are hard, heavy, fast and downright dirty. Ascendants is not an album for the faint at heart or anyone who is not a true death metal fan, you have to be a hard-core metal fan to really appreciate this album and the flow of each song.  Be certain to check them out on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/oceanometal.