FEBRUARY 12th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with vocalist Cammie with Texan progressive phenom OCEANS OF SLUMBER who will release their full length label debut entitled “Winter” on March 4, 2015 worldwide.

1. Hello, first how did you come up with the name "Oceans of Slumber" ?

The story goes that the guys were sitting in the truck after one of their practices. They had officially decided they were going to be a band and needed to come up with a name. The idea “Oceans of Sleep” got thrown out there and to add a bit more dramatics and atmosphere, it was suggested they use “Slumber” instead. Dobber called up his wife to run the idea of “Oceans of Slumber” by her and it got the gold seal of approval. Knowing the guys and their Lovecraft literary interest, I can’t help but think that the name carries a bit of a Cthulhu reference as well.

2. How did all the band members come to be in the band…

Originally the guys shared a mutual rehearsal space in different bands. Having been long time friends, conversation struck up one day and the formation of Oceans of Slumber soon followed. As for me and Uaeb; we joined the band a few years later. Ueab had been in several previous bands with Dobber and his inclusion on synth came with a lot of excitement. I had been friends with Dobber for several years, meeting him at a gig after a benefits show Oceans of Slumber was headlining and my previous band was opening. After several transitions within the band, it was decided I would become the new lead singer and Oceans of Slumber would officially be female fronted.

3. You have to tell us how you came up with the idea of how to incorporate the 70's/80's/90's metal with some groove, sludge and black/death/doom to make this your sound ?  Very distinctive for sure.

Everything within Oceans of Slumber’s sound comes directly from the music we all grew up listening to and currently enjoy. Given the expansive musical background of our members, the spectrum of influences seems almost infinite. It was the natural progression of our maturity as a band and individual musicians that this current element of sounds came to be. It is still very much an evolutionary process, one that will continue to expand as time goes on.

Winter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxzqnetYSbk

4. Did it take some time to actually pull it all together to get what you wanted in the style?

In regards to “Winter”, the whole album came about rather quickly. Oceans of Slumber writes incredibly fast and is incredibly in-tune with our message and emotions when it comes to musical expression. The style is just what came naturally. Winter is as real and raw as an album can get.

5. Who writes the lyrics for your songs ?

Lyrics are a collective effort of the whole band.

6. Where does the inspiration come from to write them ?

Inspiration comes from our lives and personal experiences. We’ve each had to endure loss, pain, and a host of other unfortunate feelings. These songs are an expression of those moments and the hope that endures for us to move forward and relay them in a way that connects with others.

7. You have a new album "Winter" is about to be released worldwide March 4, through Century Media, tell us what we might expect on this album ?

We really strived to be transparent in this album and showcase the very human elements within each of us.

8. What made you call it "Winter", the album cover doesn't look cold or resemble winter at all ?

Ha-ha, in southern Texas that is what winter looks like…

The title is more of a reflection to an internal climate or season of being, rather than an actual weather pattern. It aims to capture the hibernation of the state of mind, and the reflective nature found in being “cold” and “isolated”.

9. Speaking of your album cover, I do love the image, who created it, and how did the idea come to be ?

Costin Chioreanu, we gave him free liberty to interpret the album and share with us his experience with it through his spectacular artistic medium. As long time fans of his transcendental style, we felt he connected well to the psychological and emotional elements within the album.

10. Of the songs on "Winter", do you personally have a favourite and why that one if you do ?

Sunlight is my favorite song to sing and perform live; it resonates heavily with listeners and makes me feel very connected to the audience. Otherwise I really have a hard time isolating any particular song from the album as it all flows and works together so well, as a cohesive experience.

11. Was it a long process, from the beginning, ideas for songs, to the final finished product ?

It was a very long process to the final project finally being released, however it was completed some time ago and so the actual assembling of it, no, not at all. It was a matter of waiting for the right avenue to release it and we were fortunate to have good timing in it all working out on the finishing end.

12. Where did the recording/mixing take place ?

Craig Douglas at Origin Sound is where the album was recorded and the mixing was done with our good friend and extended “5th Beatle” Russ Russell.

13. Did you have some inspiration when you formed the band, like influences as you grew up that made you decide to form a band with such a unique style ?

I can only speak for myself on this one, as the band was already formed and a well-oiled machine before my arrival.

I can most definitely assume the answer for everyone would be a resounding yes, certainly, of course. But I would say it is our common elements of influence that showcases the most with Oceans of Slumber. Bands such as Type O Negative, Behemoth, and Deep Purple, being a small few, who everyone agrees we like and revere. Otherwise the elements of Oceans of Slumber form naturally and organically in a sense, providing an ease to move through what may seem like complicated musical elements and atmospheres.

14. Will you be touring in support of the album ?

Yes, we most definitely have a few things lined up on the horizon! Details are still pending however, so no specific news to share just yet!

15. Where do you think you might be in 5 years ?

The moon! Ha-ha

It is our goal to improve ourselves and keep moving forward. The future is not so much to deliberate as the present moment and what must be done now, and with each passing day.

16. Is there anything you want to add to this interview that you want people to know ?

We look forward to allowing our musical journey to connect with our fans and other like-minded individuals. What we create is but an offering to help those weather the turbulent tides of life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this with us here at Metaltitans. We also want to wish you much success with your album "Winter".

Thank you for this opportunity to share more about ourselves!