AUGUST 20th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

From the event page, “Severvancity, The Invisible Orange (who was promoter for Necronomicon/Abiotic/Vesperia) and Journeman Productions bring you severfest at the RICKSHAW, presenting 12 of the finest metal bands from Greater Vancouver Region, Fraser Valley, and British Columbia's interior. Covering a wide range of various metal subgenres from doom to death metal. Adding a bit of excitement a few special guests have been added to the bill. Playing on two stages, it will be a night of rapid fire metal and constant head banging, and possibly finger banging! So work out your neck muscles 'cause you're gonna need em!”

WRONG. I got there early, wanting to see Necronomicon and have a chat before any of the 3 bands hit the stage. Originally Abiotic was to play 2nd stage, (on the floor). Excuse me, but these bands override any of the local bands, even Necronomicon who are well established didn’t get headlining. Right there a fail. A lot of people didn’t show because they didn’t want to watch so many local bands. It is fine to add 1 or 2 to a show coming through, but not this many. I talked to a few bands, and they were NOT impressed. Seemed to be a lot of running around tonight, which tells me, not organized. Merch for Vesperia was on the floor as well, come on, the bar wasn’t open, they could have been put there, lots of room, good visibility, but they were where I thought would have been in the middle of the mosh pit. Seems I didn’t need to worry too much, as there was hardly anyone that came down to witness this festival. Which meant the 3 main bands suffered because of it. I am sure the venue would have lost money tonight. Poor organization.

There are only two bands I found worth mentioning from this so called festival. First one was SISTER SABBATH, a Black Sabbath tribute band out of Vancouver. I wasn’t going to listen to any of them, but I was sitting out by the entrance, when I heard, War Pigs start up, I kind of laughed and said I didn’t know we had Ozzy here tonight. Someone said I should go watch, I didn’t want to bother, I mean who can cover Ozzy. Well damn, they could, I walked in and watched their set. Amazing tone to her voice, and she did a phenomenal job, along with all her band members. I really enjoyed their set.

The other band was OBSIDIAN, they are a pretty new metal band out of Vancouver, and these guys truly have their sound nailed down, and executed it to perfection. There is no mistaking the talent behind this band. Necronomicon was even impressed with them. Expect to hear more from Obsidian.

Okay, now on to the good stuff. The three bands I came to see. First up was VESPERIA, now I have never seen or heard them before, so had no idea what I was going to get. Vesperia is an Epic death metal from the frozen north, that's what they call their genre, so still not sure what I was going to get. The band was established in 2012, so they are still young in the music business. They have been through some changes, a hiatus, and they are back now to kick some ass. Vesperia gained huge recognition with Wacken Open Air where they won "International Wacken Champions". Now that alone should say something. I was completely blown away by their performance. There were plenty of people on the floor to watch this set. I am still in awe. Musically they have their sound nailed, guitars, drums, bass, it just all melts together, and then add the vocals, well it just makes it all worthwhile. Wacken knew what they were doing naming them International Champions. Don’t miss them when they come through your town.

Next is ABIOTIC, straight out of Miami, and full on death metal/progressive.  This is maybe not my style, but they put on one hell of a show for the people that were there. They have plenty of good guitar riffs that flow, some pounding drum blasts, and vocals that have some diversity, like high pitched squeals to the low growls. Many fans told me that they have gotten so much better. Like I said, not my style, but they did a great job of what they do.

NECRONOMICON…this was who I came for, I fully know what I am getting, and they never disappoint. True masters of Canadian Black Metal / Death Metal. They deliver exactly what I like and need, I respect what they do, and the music they create. With every album they lure me in even further, there is exceptional talent behind Necronomicon.  Over the years I have grown more to appreciate the talent behind this band, they may be death and black, but they have created their own unique sound and style, giving us so much more than just black/death metal. They really do weave so much into their music, the lyrics, well they themselves are well thought out. There are only 3 members that make up the band, Rob "The Witch" (vocals/guitar), Rick on drums and Mars on bass. This is talent beyond compare. Make sure to check them out, because I know that you will get hooked and not look any further than Necronomicon for Black/death metal. If you are interested, they will be making a return to Vancouver on Sept 17th at The Imperial with Marduk, Rotting Christ, Carach Angren.