MARCH 8th 2016

Review by: YouFO

Release date: February 26 via AFM Records

On Live at the Slaughterhouse, the 13-song set captures two performances in Bristol and in London U.K. It features the line-up of Sy Keeler (vocals), Nige Rockett (guitar), Leigh Chambers (guitar), Jeff Williams (bass) and Mic Hourihan (drums).
UK thrashers ONSLAUGHT are well known as today’s thrashers, that have fans from all around the world excited for what comes out of them.
It has been 6 years since their last visual release, and now we have "Live At The Slaughterhouse", which captures from “UK Thrash Assault” two very intense shows on DVD and an additional CD.
There are 13 songs in total and you will have your taste of full on thrash, they show you that they have the power, live power to run chills up and down your spine. They will prove to you that they are still capable of a full on Onslaught attack, they caught my attention.

Track list:
01. The Sound Of Violence
02. Killing Peace
03. Chaos Is King
04. Let There Be Death
05. Children Of The Sand
06. Rest In Pieces
07. 66 Fucking 6
08. Destroyer Of Worlds
09. In Search Of Sanity
10. Fight With The Beast
11. Metal Forces
12. Onslaught (Power From Hell)
13. Thermonuclear Devastation