OCTOBER 8th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Date: Oct. 8th
Venue: Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC

Great show, let me tell you about it. First it is at the Rickshaw Theatre, and I think it was the first time ever that I had to wait in a lineup. It was actually a long one as well, didn’t predict this. Even getting in, and heading to my spot, front left, I didn’t get it, there were people already there. So right from the start, I was impressed there were many fans eagerly awaiting, considering there was another metal show in town this night.

First up is Metsatöll , a band that has travelled from Tallinn, Estonia to play, and show you what their music is all about. For those of you who missed, they play a metal/folk mixture, one that had the crowd very enthusiastic. I was really surprised to see just how full the floor was, especially considering they are an opener, they have a name for themselves, but on this tour they are openers. We all know how many people miss out on those. But you would have made a mistake here, these guys did an amazing job, executing their set for everyone to delight in. There is just something about folk style that has people having fun. But mix metal and folk together and you have something unique.

Second band to hit the stage is Týr, a four member band who calls the Faroe Islands, an archipelago and autonomous country between Norway and Iceland their hometown. Now this is the band I came to see tonight, they have always played excellent shows when they come to town, and tonight was no different. They played a variety of songs, showcasing their talent to the max. What I also liked about Týr, was the fact you can distinguish each and every instrument, they are all heard on their own. Not often you can hear that, and take pleasure in the talent behind the musician. The Vancouver crowd gave it their all too, singing, cheering, and moshing (which really doesn’t fit in), but, if that’s how you get your enjoyment, then go for it. I was actually able to get up a little closer, and take on the full effect of this band. The only problem I had…too short, it never seems long enough when you are enjoying and singing along. Phenominal job. Takk for coming to Vancouver and making it an unforgettable night.

Last tonight, is a band that is from Switzerland, the 8-piece band is Eluveitie. I have seen this band every time they come to Vancouver, but tonight there were some changes to be seen, and heard.
There is a new lineup, with some familiar faces, and some new ones, but let me tell you, it works, and I think it is even better now. First off, Anna who does the Hurdygurdy, Vocals, Flute, has a magnificent vocal range. She sang more tonight, and with great confidence, I was totally amazed, and actually the songs she sang, caught my attention more. Don’t get me wrong though, the whole group put on an unbelievable performance. Each and every one of their musicians gave it their all. They played an assortment of their songs, to everyone’s pleasure. Again, moshing happened, I never expect to see this with a folk metal band, but Eluveitie had some hard hitting songs tonight too, ones I had not heard before. It was great to see some added songs in there to crank it up a notch. By far, this show of theirs tonight in Vancouver, was one of the best from them that I have seen. Kicked ass for sure. After watching this performance I can see why they won “Swiss Music Award 2014, "Best Live Act National".

Still some tour dates left:
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10/14 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights
10/15 Chicago, IL House of Blues
10/16 Detroit, MI St. Andrew’s Hall
10/17 Toronto, ON Phoenix Theatre
10/18 Montreal, QC Corona Theatre
10/19 Quebec City, QC Imperial de Quebec
10/21 Boston, MA Royale Boston
10/22 New York, NY Irving Plaza