AUGUST 10th 2015

Review by: Lady M

Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Singapore
Produced by:  Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Band Members:
Umar Khan (Vocals)
Bryan Gan (Guitars/Bass)
Session members: Qadeir Alsagoff (Bass)

About Oshiego, Oshiego is an upcoming Death/Thrash Metal unit from Singapore that was originally conceived in 2004.
They are quoted as being heavily influenced from the likes of Kreator, Melechesh and Grave, with a flair of Middle Eastern touches they are lyrically-driven by such subjects as war, the inevitable struggles of life and vampirism (in accordance to The Legacy Of Kain).
Oshiego has endured several band member changes since they first formed (7 members in a short 4 to 5 year time span).Oshiego released an MCD titled Unending Carnage in 2009. Mastered by Michael Kalember (Absence Of The Sacred).
In late 2009, Oshiego's debut full-length album began, titled Woe To The Conquered. Recorded by Nathanial Chew and Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed studios. The completed work was sent to Hertz Studios in Poland to be mastered.
Oshiego went on a hiatus for a year in 2009 and then returned once again in 2010. Now their second album "Crossing the Bridge Of Siraat" has been unleashed to the public April 7th of this year.

Track Listing:
1. Days Of Ignorance
2. Hypocrisy
3. The Tree Of Zaqqum
4. The Field Of Mahsyar
5. Genocide, Torture, Rapture...
6. Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat
7. The Pharaoh System
8. Inspiration From The Dark
9. Heathen (Master cover)

Now for my take on it:  I will preface this by I mean no disrespect to anyone and I'm certainly not the final say on what's great or not in the Metal world..but I am always honest if nothing else.
The Good:  Due to the middle eastern/Egyptian flair in the naming of the album and titles of the song you can definitely see the Nile influence in Oshiego.  I would say these guys are more doom death metal than death or even thrash metal, as they have a very slow, grinding, sludgy sound of doom throughout all their songs with lots of primal low growling much like that of a wild, angry animal. They do have a few moments of greatness like a pretty awesome, all be it, very short guitar riff in Track #2 Hypocrisy and a pretty nice longer guitar solo in #6 Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat and #8 Inspiration From The Dark. Based on that their strongest current asset is to be found in their guitar player Bryan Gan.

The Not Bad But Not So Good:  They do have a decent doom metal sound but, unfortunately every single one of their songs are disappointingly similar to each other, with nothing much to differentiate one from the next, other then the track title itself and an occasional guitar riff.
However, with all the changes in line up this band has endured (7 members in a short 4 to 5 year time span), it's not surprising to me that they haven't fully found their flow as a band yet; with no original members, they are basically a brand new band!  Being as that the latest change in line up was only a short time ago, then they went on a break right after that, then they get back to playing gigs and release an album a very short time later. Hardships and changes such as these would be a very difficult situation to rise above and stand apart from, for any band.  In my opinion, they just need more time as a group to practice, fine tune their skills and get fully comfortable within their own musical abilities. Once they do that,  then they could be really good.

We always show love and support to new and coming up bands, so please go check out Oshiego and give them a listen.  
We hope for the best for Oshiego and look forward to what they bring us in the future.

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