AUGUST 16th 2016

Review by: Char Tupper


Peter Tagtgren: Vocals/Guitars
David Wallin: Drums
Michael Bolin: Guitars
Johan Husgavfel: Bass

Release Date:
Sept. 9/2016

Let me tell you, this is a record I personally, have been looking forward to. Being a huge fan of Peter Tagtgren’s work does, however, make me slightly biased, but that being said, his two major projects, Hypocrisy and Pain, have never disappointed. The new release of Pain’s Coming Home is nothing short of amazing. I have listened to this album countless times since receiving it and it makes me anxious for the official release so I can go buy my copy. Let me give you a brief history of Pain before I dive into the review.

Forming the band back in 1997 in Sweden, Peter Tagtgren wanted to create a project fusing both heavy metal and 1980’s electro-industrial music. All releases of Pain have entered the Swedish Music Charts, and with his unique twist on the music, Pain stands out above most of his other projects, let alone other bands in the industry. Peter Tagtgren is known for his forward thinking when it comes to writing music and his lyrics for both projects. Even his involvement in the project Lindemann, the lyrics were once again controversial, which seems to be the way Tagtgren likes to write his songs as well. Wandering down the unexplored paths is exactly what Pain represents to both Peter Tagtgren, and to the music industry, being unconventional in all shapes and forms.

Now, if that wasn’t enough information or background on Pain, simply go pick up an album and you will know what it is all about, in fact, I recommend checking out the newest record, ‘Coming Home’.  There was a 4-year gap between this release and the last, ‘You Only Live Twice’. Tagtgren pushes for perfection, it was quite the fight to strive for, but he was ready for the challenge.

"Sometimes you pull your hair out and lay sleepless all night long, because you can't figure out this one chorus or don't know how to finish a certain song," admits the singer and guitarist. "That's just me: When I dive into it, there's no ending in sight. It's a self-destructive mechanism. But I want perfection — or I don't want it at all."

The new record explores new paths that Peter has wandered and creates new sounds like including Clemens “Ardek” Wijers of Carach Angren, who created an orchestral piece for the title track, ‘Coming Home’, which the track starts out a little more on the mellow side, and builds up momentum during the chorus of the song. Lyrically speaking, the song speaks about Peter’s personal life about being in a band, touring, writing, and wanting to literally, “Coming Home”. All the tracks on this record have something that make them all stand out, whether it is an artistic acoustic guitar solo, orchestration, or even the stormy moments of speed and rhythm that tie the album all together. In fact, Peter’s son, Sebastian Tagtgren, seems to be following in his father’s footsteps, and the new album features his drum skills for the tracks. Like father, like son I guess, which in this case, his son will carry on the Tagtgren legacy at this rate. No Pain CD however, would be a Pain CD without a controversial song or two, which is where “Call Me” steps into play, featuring Sabaton vocalist, Joakim Broden, the “callboy-singalong” of the new record. Musically the song sounds like traditional Pain with the catchy beats and heavy sound. The other controversial topics that Peter Tagtgren personally finds himself interested in is the extra-terrestrial kind, which the track “Black Knight Satellite” dwells on. Peter Tagtgren made the following statement about the track here:

"Nikola Tesla, who invented the lightbulb, electricity, and other stuff, thought that he heard beeping sounds from space," Tägtgren elaborates of the track's inspiration, "It was around the year 1899 and it seemed like a message to him, a hidden code. He was the first one to discover it, but in the 1950s, when humans started to go into space, they heard the same noises and found out: There is some signal from a satellite out there… but it isn't ours. And as they started their research, they found out, that people had been talking about this phenomenon for around thirteen-thousand years. The story of this so-called 'Black Knight Satellite' is very fascinating to me. Whether it's true or not, I don't know. But it definitely inspired me to write these lyrics."

To put it simply, without digging deep into every song (which, I easily could), this record is full of diverse sounds from a musical stand point, it still has the sound of “Pain”, but it is very unique from the last record. I absolutely love this record, Peter Tagtgren once again brings out another album to add to my ever-growing catalogue of CD’s. There is nothing out there like Pain, it is a one- of-a-kind band filled with catchy tunes, melodies, but keeping to the heavy metal feel that I still desire in my music. Thank you Peter Tagtgren, for your bizarre, but wonderful experimentation with music and creating something unlike any other.