JANUARY 12th 2017


Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Melodic Hard Rocker Mike Palace. Thank you for taking time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.

Interview By: Metal Mom

1. What made you decide to be a Melodic Hard rock band influenced by the 80’s ?

Just couldn't help it ha-ha. Melodic Hard rock from the 80s is the best! I just wanted to do something that I would listen to myself if it were a different band.

 2. What made you decide to be a vocalist instead of picking up an instrument ?

I decided to avoid that dilemma altogether actually and do both things, but just not at the same time.

I felt that Palace needs a front man fully focused on singing and the audience.

 3. You have Rick Digorio on guitar, Marcus Johansson on drums and Soufian Ma’Aoui on bass, how did they come to be in Palace ?

Rick, Marcus and Soufian are some of the best musicians I know playing this genre. I've had known all three for a while and simply asked if they'd like to be in my band and to my joy they all did!

An important detail besides they're playing ability was their style and they all really look the part!

4. Were you all in bands before ?

Yes, we were, and some of the guys still are. Bands like Houston, Reach, Adrenaline Rush, Big Time.

5. Being a vocalist, did you take any kind of singing lessons, or are you self-taught ?

I'm completely self-taught so far, but I might take some lessons to learn how to preserve my voice as the years go by and there's certainly a whole lot of room for improvement in general.

6. Sweden has a fantastic music program, did you attend the school ?

Yes, I did actually. And I'm still enjoying the benefits it gave. That is where I first met Rick and had our first band together. We had access to a rehearsal room and all the gear we needed which gave us a great opportunity to develop together and also to meet other kids with the same interests. We learned music theory, music history and even playing in a group. All completely free!

7. I am wondering, there are so many talented musicians that have come out of Sweden compared to other countries, do you think the music school has help contribute to that ? I interviewed one band, and asked why, and he said it was the beer. LOL.

LOL indeed. Might be the beer when it comes to some bands ha-ha. It might be the music school indeed, but Sweden is quite liberal in general, encouraging kids to explore any interest and hobbies from an early age. Max Martin credits the education system for some of his success, but I'd like to credit his success for my inspiration. Seeing a guy like him, who just like us started out as a member of a rock band dominating the charts for 20 years does give a lot of confidence in believing that anything is possible.

8. Now you have an album coming out Aug 26 through Frontiers Music s.r.l. called “Master of the Universe – STREAMING” how did you come up with name of the album ?

It's named after the title track which is a tribute to all of those great training montage songs from the 80s with a little nod to He-man at the same time. It's a song for the underdog fighting his way to the top and overcoming obstacles. It sets the vibe for the whole album and the feeling I had actually getting to finally make an album after many years of hard work.

9. How many songs are on it ?  Do you personally have a favourite ?

There are 11 tracks on the album which encompass the many different sounds and flavors of 80s AOR. My personal favorite has been "Part of Me" for a long time now but I'm feeling for something tougher now so it's gotta be "Young/Wild/Free". That song rocked when we played it live at our release gig!

10. Was it a long process to make the album ?

The process was surprisingly short. The songs were just pouring out of me and I had the whole album demoed after about a month. The recording took place just a couple of days after the last song was written and we cut the whole album in just two weeks! It was all fun throughout the whole process and never felt tedious or frustrating. Huge credit to the producer of the album - Daniel Flores.

11. Does everyone in the band have a say what goes on ?

Not when it comes to the album itself, since I'm doing the writing and all the recording on the album myself, except for the drums played by Mr. Flores and Rick Digorio supplying some of the solos. When it comes to playing live though, everyone has a say on how we will interpret the songs and everyone brings their personal style and taste to the table. It just so happens to be that our personal tastes match very well and the live version of Palace sounds just magical.

12. You mentioned that what the CD sounds like is what you get live, I have to say, that is great for us as fans, there is nothing worse, that listening to a CD, and it sounds fantastic, then the band plays and well, just doesn’t sound the best. Do you have a lot of input when the recording is happening ?

The guys in the band are superb musicians and had no trouble at all playing the parts just like on the album. But I think that a live performance adds another dimension that is not present on an album and that's the connection between the band and the audience. Playing the songs just like they are on the CD is one thing, but getting the audience to move to it is a whole other game. I personally would rather just listen to the album at home than see a band play it note for note without ever acknowledging the audience. With that being said, I think that we got both of those things down.

Me and Daniel clicked very well when recording the album so I never really felt the need to offer my two-cents. He was fully down with the way I wanted things to sound and I loved the improvements he brought.

13. Who writes the lyrics for the songs, and where does the inspiration come from ?

I write all of the lyrics to the songs. My inspiration comes mainly from personal life experiences which I try to express in a way that others can relate to.

Some of the lyrics come from watching a movie or a show and trying to get down it's vibe in words. "Cool Runnin'" is one of those. Titled after a Miami Vice episode, I tried to write a song that could work as soundtrack to the show, yet again tipping the hat to some of my favorite thing's 80s.

14. Once the album is released will you be going on tour to support ?  

We won't be going on tour right away but we will try expand globally and try to land some of the bigger festival gigs to gather a bigger fan base first.

15. Where would you like to tour ?

I'd love to tour the USA! I've never been, and I'd love to see how well this music goes with the fans there. Plus take the off days to go all tourist on all the sights.

16. What would be a dream tour lineup for you ?

I'd love to open for Toto and Chicago just so that I get to see them myself every night.

17. Did you know at an early age, that this was something you just had to do ?

I've known it ever since I was 12-year-old and got my first electric guitar. It's all been about music since then.

18. What kind of jobs did you have before being in Palace ?

Just the usual soul sucking daily grind ha-ha

19. What is next for the band ?

Next up is enjoying the release of the album for a moment and then fighting our way to the big stages!

20. Is there anything you would like to add that you want people to know about Palace ?

Palace is undeniably heavily under the influence of the 80s stylistics and sounds, but even if you hated the era, the music just might get you rocking.

It's in no way a parody or a gimmick, this is pure love for music and I hope that the message shines through.

First single off new album: Master of the Universe