DECEMBER 10th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


This show tonight is at The Biltmore in Vancouver. Put on by Live Nation and SCRAPE Records, can I just add, I love this venue, small but a real place to get the feel for the music.

First tonight is Caryn (drums); Elizabeth (guitar); Lesley (bass) who make up the band Mortals. This was a first for me, I was not even aware of them before this show. They started off in 2009 as punk/sludge but nowadays are metal, with a touch of other genres. Mortal must have a following because for an opening band, the floor was full. People were headbanging, and purely enjoying. Myself, I did enjoy their set for the first while, but I would have liked to have seen more movement, yes, it was a small stage, but there is always a way to move, I just think that would have prompted the people at the sides to come in closer. They did a bang up job though.

Okay, for me, this night was all about Sólstafir, a band from a Nordic country who, despite it‘s name, has quite the temperate climate, that place is called Iceland, the land of black sand. Now I don’t know if all of this helps to create what they compose, but they have created a niche all their own, they put themselves into the genre of atmospheric Rock 'N Roll, but I can tell you, it’s so much more than that. They have such a presence on stage that captures you and holds on for dear life. I was so enthused to see them again, Barge to Hell was my first experience with them, and they have grown since. It’s not often I am speechless to review a band, but I don’t know if I can truly do them justice. Yes, they are that spectacular. There was a few technical issues, but they worked it out, and carried on to everyone’s cheers and roars. I for one would have been devastated if they didn’t continue. There was a variety of songs played, one in particular got more attention, and after it was played, the crowd was “play it again”. They said “no”. Each member brings a lot of talent to this band, and live is the best way to witness it. Truthfully, I can’t explain their style, the music, because what they have created is just something that needs to be seen and heard. There is no other band like this. You can’t just stand and enjoy, you are going to be tapping your fingers, headbanging, because you can’t help but appreciate Sólstafir. THEY STOLE THE SHOW, without a doubt. Now…please, go check them out on this tour, or any tour when they come to a town near you.  frábært way to end the concert year. And if you can’t get to a show, then please check out their newest CD “Ótta” from Season of Mist.

Pallbearer is next, and they have some pretty tough competition here. I have seen them before when they came to Vancouver with Enslaved. So I knew what to expect. First the lighting was horrible, photographers left early. I am sorry guys, but after Sólstafir, it was hard to get into the Pallbearer sound. The band is labelled ‘heavy’, but for me, it was slow, and more of a stoner style. And I apologize, I feel bad, but after 3 songs, I left. That’s not to say this band was horrible, it’s just not my style. The crowd was there, so obviously fans were enjoying. They played their instruments well, the vocals were fitting. So performance wise, it was great. Just not for me.