JUNE 10th,2011
PROMO 2010


Review by: Metal Mom


I was lucky enough to have delivered into my hands Pandemonium’s “PROMO 2010”, last week, and I wanted to give it a few listens before rendering my opinion. The only fault that I found, was there was just 2 songs to listen to, but I must remember it’s a promo, not the full CD. Which I will say right now, I am looking forward to.

First a little history, for those of you not familiar with this Polish death/black/satanic metal band that got its start back in 1989. The founders were Paul (guitar/vocals) and Peter (percussion). They were described as a severe dark majestic black metal band. At the time this type of metal was non-existent , and more than likely the reason for such success with fans. So today’s line up with PANDEMONIUM is Mark (guitar), Paul (guitar/vocals), Michael (bass) and Simon and drums. And today in 2011 they have taken an individual path, one that’s all their own, and in so doing have made a pact with old friends “Pagan Records” and “Godz Ov War Productions, bring back the days of the past.

Something also of interest is that PANDEMONIUM is the first metal band with this name to be on stage for over 20 years now. They have also had many publications, which have also been re-edited. Many concerts have been played with the likes of Behemoth, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, and a few more, but you can see this is a very impressive line up of bands to have played on stage with. Also at one time or another some important musicians from other great Polish bands have played in Pandemonium, like Hate, Hazael, Imperator, Tenetoris and Riverside.

I cant go into great depth as there are only the 2 songs, the first being Black Forest and the second on is titled God Delusion. I did enjoy these 2 songs, the vocals were harsh, deep and commanded attention. Bass had the low frequency sound that seemed to pull it all together. Guitar was masterfully done as well, and of course, you cant forget the drums, there seemed to be a wide range of beats , ones that fit well into the 2 songs on this promo. I don’t want to give away too much because I really think that it’s a tease for what creation is to be born from PANDEMONIUM , you need to check out this baby coming forth called ‘MISANTHROPY’