MAY 1st 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


First up tonight is a local band out of Tacoma called SANCTION VIII, the name stems from a humorous reference to their prior military service. Band members consist of Justin Knight/AJ Ortiz/Aaron Nelson/Kenny Sprague, and it’s all about metal with these guys. They have played over 200 shows in the state of Washington. This was a first for me, and I am always amazed I haven’t heard some of the local bands before with all the shows I attend. There was a good support group in the crowd for this band, and that was great to see. I enjoyed, they had a great beat, and terrific vocals, so don’t miss out on catching one of their shows when they play.

Next up tonight is a band, LODY KONG, which I have previously seen once before, and I won’t miss them, they caught my attention the first time in Vancouver at the Venue. Truly an amazing band, and there are two names that stick out, Igor Cavalera on vocals and guitar, with Zyon Cavalera on drums (who is so fast it’s hard to watch/see those drum sticks), now just because those names stand out, please, this band stands out “because of the talent behind these guys, not the name. Watching them play was truly incredible, they played a variety of songs, and I only looked away once just to check out how the crowd was receiving them. No doubt about it, the crowd was embracing the energy and talent behind Lody Kong. Their set was definitely too short for my liking. Please whatever you do, get to the remaining few shows early, you don’t want to miss their performance. Killer for sure.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY BLIND hit the stage next, yes, don’t let the name fool you,  this is the outcome of drummer Reed Mullin (original COC), and singer Karl Agell wanting to hit the road and play the whole album Blind from 1991. As you can guess the songs tonight were from the album, and the crowd was hooked, cheers, horns, singing, all took place during their set. The crowd was enjoying. Last song played, was pretty interesting, and fun, when Agell asked who in the crowd could play bass, a few hands went up, he chose someone and brought him up on stage to play their final song “Legionnaires Disease”. Not something you see often or at all, but made for something out of the ordinary, and the fellow did a great job too. All around, the crowd enjoyed the set, the performance from all was well done.

DEATH ANGEL, need I say more, that name alone brings a brutal chill to the soul. These guys have been around for a long time, and they still evoke lots of horns, major head banging, but there is a reason for that. They are the ultimate bay area thrashers. I have seen Death Angel numerous times, and each time I see them I still say Damn these guys are good. I enjoyed the high energy, the movement on stage. I am pretty sure they left 40 pounds of sweat on that stage when they left. Each and every one of these guys executes their music to the fullest, Will blasting that kit with precision, Rob and Ted with such fast killer riffs, wow, and bassist Damien making his presence known, and let’s not forget the voice behind Death Angel, Mark Osegueda, who takes the young and old on a journey of merciless thrash. This, is thrash done right, as many of you know, I am not particularly a thrash fan, but when you can get a band that delivers it like this, you got me. I’m hooked.

Okay, this is the band, the whole crowd has been waiting for, the floor, the balcony are filled to the “Max”. Oh, and I was dying to see them as well, my first time. Never doubt the talent behind the members of this band, I am still in awe as I try to write this. In fact I don’t know if I can do proper justice to CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, they are just that good. First let me introduce you to the members of this band, vocalist is Max Cavalera, along with brother Iggor on drums, there is no mistaking the talent in this Cavalera family. Marc Rizzo is on lead guitar, and kills it throughout the night. And with Nate Newton on bass, you know this is going to be an unforgiving performance. There was a multitude of songs played, some off of their 3rd album Pandemonium, received with great cheers, head banging, and a few crowd surfers. Such a fantastic variety of songs played, from new to ones of Sepultura, what a great night, but wait, it’s not quit over yet…another special event during the set was when two drums were brought out and with Max on one, they blasted away with a beat that everyone had their hands in the air. Then a classic finish “Roots, Bloody Roots”. I travelled down to Seattle to see this show, as it didn’t come up to Canada, and I can tell you that this was well worth the trip, I have found yet another band to add to my listening pleasure.