JULY 10th 2016

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here today with Charly Steinhauer, vocalist and plays lead/rhythm guitar for Paradox.

1. You have been around now since 1986 as a band, did you ever expect to still be doing this 30 years later ?

I knew very soon that music will take a big part of my life but as a band we made no thoughts about in the beginning how long we will do this. 30 years later I can say that a youth dream grew up to a life´s work. That´s awesome and makes me really proud.

2. What is it, that really keeps you going, what inspires you to be in Paradox every day ?

The passion for music and the loyal support from the fans over so many years..

"PANGEA" is dedicated to them.  I still have the fire in me to go on with PARADOX and keep the legacy alive.

3. You obviously have seen many changes over the years in the industry, what has been the most harmful do you think to bands ?

The internet piracy changed a lot. Nowadays it`s really difficult for a newcomer band to do a good production cause record labels have no money anymore to pay an adequate budget for.

4. Do you agree with the streaming of the bands music, I have heard that there really isn't much money to be made for the band when this is done.

I´m not a fan of illegal downloads. I guess a real fan still like to own the original product incl. booklet pages. About money, Even without streamings a band doesn’t get money for their record sales. We sold more than 100,000 copies of our second album "HERESY" in the late 80`s, but we`ve never got one cent from Roadrunner Records. The only way to get a bit money is playing live shows and sell merchandise. As the main songwriter you get your songwriting credits. That’s it.

5. You have a new album out now, just recently released "Pangea", tell us what we can expect from this album ?

"PANGEA" includes 10 songs with a total playing time of 60 minutes.

It is the most versatile album including all PARADOX trademarks. No change in style.

The biggest differences in compare to "Tales Of The Weird" is the deep and dark atmosphere of the songs and it has a better production. Especially the drum sound is way better. I guess I did the best vocal performance ever.

With this album I also had the possibility to close some negative chapters in my life.

I`ve tried to put all this aggression and sadness what happened to me in the past into the songs It helped me to rehabilitate and getting back strong.

6. Where did the inspiration come from for writing the lyrics to the songs ?

In 2014 I watched a documentary on TV about the beginning of our existence when there was just one massive super-continent on the face of the planet earth. They talked about the beginning and I asked myself how could all end some day?

"PANGEA" should symbolize “the beginning of the end" in different ways on how the planets end could happen.

Could be caused by natural disasters, wars, comets, epidemics or even the Godz in which we believe who recapture the earth. Who knows?! It`s an open question.

7. Do you have a personal favourite on the album, and if so, why that one...

 Im not sure which song I would choose as my favourite, but I guess the title track "PANGEA" includes all trademarks of PARADOX. Each song has some special moments like the end of "VALE OF TEARS" were you feel the downfall. Goose skin at its best.

8. What were your first thoughts after hearing the finished album ?

I was sure that no Paradox fan will be disappointed. All songs are great, no filler and 100% PARADOX.

I had a smile on my face and were really satisfied with the result of the production.

9. Claudio Bergamin (Halford, King Diamond) was the one responsible for the artwork, how did he come up with the image ?

In my opinion our end comes from outside. The "alien god" theory. I talked to Claudio and asked him whether he could do a cover artwork with some kind of a "Monster" on it, who catch the earth. The result is undeniable. Claudio did a great job. It fits perfect.

10.  Will you be doing a tour now to support the album ?

Well, PARADOX were never a touring band, but we plan to do some selected shows on festivals or clubs in several countries.

11. Where would you like to tour, do you have any favourite places ?

In 2010 we were booked at "ProgPower USA" in Atlanta, Georgia, but due to line up changes we were forced to cancel. Would be awesome to get a chance to catch up this show.

We also would like to play 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. Latin America and Japan could be interesting for us as well.

12. It has been 3 years since your last album "Tales of the Weird", why did it take 3 years before doing another album ?

On Christmas Eve in 2012 I underwent a big open heart surgery. The rehabilitation took 2 years. It was hell on earth, man.  Then in late autumn 2014 I started slowly working on new music again. It was a big challenge to me to do another record. I had no big expectations, but now I`m very satisfied with the result.

13. When you sit down to do an album, does each member create their own sound, guitarist comes up with the riffs, drummer the drum blasts, or does one person do it all, and everyone learns their part ?

I write all songs for PARADOX and send the demos to the other guys. If everybody likes the songs we work together on details. As the producer of the albums I also know exactly how a PARADOX song has to sound.

14. Did you have anyone when you were young, that inspired you to become a singer ?  Did you take lessons for your voice ?

First I was inspired by Bon Scott, Ozzy, Dio, Dave Meniketti and later on by James Hetfield, Joey Belladonna or Geoff Tate.  I was always a fan of clear vocals. I never had a vocal teacher.

15. You play guitar as well, is it hard to come up with different riffs, I mean you have been creating riffs over the past 30 years, and there can only be so many different riffs. How do you do it ?

I have no special formula. I never have a lack of ideas. I take my guitar in hand, play for a while and when I found a starting riff for a song I write the track from the beginning to the very end. Later I work on melody lines and at least on vocals.

16. Who do you think in today’s music is an exceptional guitarist ?

Jeff Loomis, Jeff Waters, John Petrucci. All of them are be able to play perfect rhythm & lead guitar. I would prefer Jeff Loomis (ex Nevermore/Arch Enemy).

17. What kind of advice would you give young musicians first starting out wanting to form a band ?

Believe in your talent and do it with passion. Rehearse a lot. All for one and one for all attitude is very important. Try to avoid line-up changes. Don’t expect making big money with heavy metal music.!

18. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you ?

We would like to greet our fans! Without them, PARADOX wouldn`t   exist anymore.

Please visit us on our Facebook page and let us know your opinion about our new album "PANGEA".

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you all the success with Pangea.

Thanks for your support!