JULY 29th 2015

Review by Lady M

Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Philadelphia
Produced by :Horror Pain Gore Productions

Band Members:
Jack Carmichael (Afterbirth, Lesch-Nyhan) - guitar/vocals
Chris Miller (Afterbirth, Crucifier, Lesch-Nyhan) - bass
Mark Stainthorpe (Shadows in the Crypt, Lesch-Nyhan) - drums

Brief back story on Percussor:
Formed back in 1996. This trio of hardhitters all that were once part of Lesch-Nyhan and Chris (bass) and Jack (vocals/guitar) were also both in Afterbirth. They had a brief two year run then reformed once more in 2014.

This debut album is scheduled for release on April 21, 2015.

Percussor is definitely old school late 80s/early 90s death metal. Intense and brutal they specialize in very dark lyrics/ topics such as death, suicide, anger and misery for their songs which is fitting as the name Percussor means Murderer in Latin.

Track Listing: Proclamation Of Hate

01: Extermination Of The Weak
02: Defiled Reputation
03: Caved In Skull
04: Blood Behind The Eyes
05: Ripped Apart As I See Fit
06: Slashing Through Dry Veins
07: Images Through Forgotten Torture
08: Useless Creation That Stands Before Me
09: Diseased Breeder
10: Outro

When I first heard the very first song in this album the image that leaped to my mind was the Death Metal Batman cartoon that I saw recently on You Tube, while it’s visual very hilarious, if you close your eyes and really listen to the music (not the lyrics) - it’s tight and rudimentary hardcore groove is what you would want in any good death metal band and mimics that of what Percussor has going on in several of the songs. The deep, gutturally intense tone of the main vocalist in Percussor would remind you of that of the main vocalist in Dethklok, which is a desirable trait in anything death metal related.  Now that being said its not at all intended as an insult because I personally loved that cartoon and its created by none other then the great Brendan Small who also gave us Dethklok on Metalocalypse.
To me, Percussor resonates an Immolation sound combined with Obituary style inspired lyrics, and a Dethklok feel to the vocals. ..the only very small critique that I have is that the drums (mainly the intro) is a little repetitive and nearly identical in several songs on this album. My personal preference within my metal listening experience, I desire to hear more of a difference in the range of percussion throughout each song such as a steady beat to lull you into the head banging trance but with notable variances in the intensity, increase and decrease within the sound to keep a song interesting, unique  and ears locked in. Which I think would have made each song stand apart a little more had this been done. All in all, though a very talented group and a good album.

In my opinion, the best song on "Proclamation of Hate" is #5 Ripped Apart as I See Fit. They really displayed their range of talents not only instrumentally but also vocally in this song.  'Ripped Apart As I See Fit' possesses killer tempo fluctuations  in the drums, intricate but brutal riffs, tight-grooving bass lines and great ear catching lyrics that keeps the listener indulged in the blood curdling, animalistic growls.

If you are really into the dark and hardcore sound that is reminiscent of the 80’s/90’s death metal, then Percussor is a group you really need to check out!  I'm sure we are all looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the future!

"Ripped Apart As I See Fit"