MARCH 31ST 2017

Welcome to Metaltitans, we are here today with Persefone, who are about to release "Aathma" through ViciSolum Records in March. Welcome and thank you for taking time out to answer our questions.

Hey guys!

Thank you for the interview!  I’m Bobby, drummer of Persefone. I hope you’ll enjoy the reading!

1. Persefone, how did you come up with this for the name of the band? In Greek mythology it is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest goddess Demeter, and is the queen of the underworld. Did this have any bearing on your choice?

It’s really hard to try to put a name to your band, the story about the origin of name it’s not very relevant and to be true, at this point of our career, Persefone it’s just a name for us.

Our second album Core, explains the story of “Persephone” and how the muse “Core” would become the Queen of the Underworld. The meaning of the mythological story is really beautiful and filled with meaning.

2. You also have a new guitarist and drummer who have joined Persefone, how did it come about they were picked?

Andorra is a tiny country with a small metal scene. I’m an old friend of the band and Filipe, our new guitarist, was one of Carlos’s students. Both of us play in another band called Nami and Carlos did a tour with us back in 2012. So, it was a really easy move to join the band. The thing is that, despite that Persefone is an established band, they were looking to have friends within the band, good musicians of course, with inputs and ideas, dedication to band, but most important, a good connection with them.

3. Is it easy to work with so many members in the band? Compared to most who have 4, you have 6.

Persefone had been a band for fifteen years now and it’s a very good organized band. Everyone in the band has a job to do and we’ve been working with our management for almost those fifteen years too, so now, all the pieces come together easily. We are really good friends and everyone work hard for the well-being of the band.

4. What made you call this album "Aathma", what does it mean?

Aathma is a Sanskrit word that means the world Soul, from which all individual souls derive. We were writing the album and going through each song and overall lyrical concept and, meanwhile, we were waiting for the right title to appear. We had some other ideas for it, but the meaning of the word, and how it connected with everything we’ve been writing fit just perfectly.

5. You have some guest musicians also on this album, Paul Masvidal (vocals/guitar), Oystein Landsverk (guitar), and Merethe Soltvedt (vocals), why did you decide to add some guests to the album?

We are really happy with those collaborations as they all did an incredible job in Aathma and understood perfectly the mood of the album. Paul Masvidal is one of our biggest influences.

We shared stage with Cynic at their last show, in Euroblast Festival, in Germany, and we had the chance to talk with him. He was super nice and really easy going and we started to think about a collaboration with him. When writing the album, we contacted him, and which had to be a small collaboration with a spoken speech in the intro ended being one of the highlights of our career. He got very involved with the project and we can only be grateful with him.

Then Oystein Landsverk, from Leprous, became really good friend of us during the tour we did together in Europe. When we were writing the song Aathma, we wanted him to do a guitar solo cause we felt that the part fit him perfectly.

Some years ago we felt in love with Merethe Soltvedt’s voice. We heard her on the 2 Steps From Hell album and from that moment we had her on our mind. We found the perfect spot for her on the song Aathma and ask her to sing and the final result is mind-blowing. 

6. You have 10 songs, along with Part I II III IV, why the Parts?

Aathma is a concept album and all the songs are connected between them. Aathma is about the spiritual connection between everything and everyone, about trying to understand what we are in this life, trying to transcend the only reality we know… The song Aathma is in fact the sum of all this, when we realize that everything is connected and we are just nothing more than a soul.

We decided to split the song in four tracks cause it’s a twenty-minute song and we know that sometimes, some listeners want to go instantly to one on the parts.

7. A 20-minute title track, that is one long song, why did you choose to do a song this long?

It just happened, it was the last song we wrote and all the parts connected so well you know? We felt a strong connection to the song the instant we started using the synth sound that appears in the beginning of the song and that continue appearing all over the song… As you know, our second album, Core, has three twenty-minute songs, so, we are no strangers to that.

8. Do you personally have a favourite track, if so why that one?

It’s really hard to pick a song but I’d say that Living Waves is my favorite one today haha. The Song sounds really fresh when I listen to it, and having Paul Masvidal on the song, singing and doing a guitar solo it’s just a dream come true.

9. You had Travis Smith create the artwork, did you give him some ideas, or did he come up with the artwork on his own?

Travis Smith is an incredible artist. We worked with him on the Spiritual Migration artwork and we ended up so happy that we decided to work with him again. For the Aathma artwork we exchanged a few emails, some lyrical ideas, some pictures related to the meaning of the album and Travis started sending us some sketches until we found the right cover. We sent him a folder with images we like, like for example a few drawings of the yellow monsters/souls of the Image comic book Revival, from Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, so you can picture what I’m saying… It’s a back and forth of emails and ideas.

10. After the release of this album, do you plan on touring to support?

The nearest thing to happen is our first headliner European tour. We are putting a lot of work and effort to make of it a success. After that, we will focus on summer festivals, like Metal Days or the UK TechFest… We have also plans to tour the US and Asia but nothing of that is confirmed at the moment even if that we are trying to make it a reality.

11. What can the fans expect from this album compared to Spiritual Migration?

This album it’s just the music we feel at this moment and also it’s the sum of a lot of hard work and passion. After we released Spiritual Migration we received lots of emails of people telling us how they connected with the album and the message we were singing. It’s really satisfying to write about things that you care and matter, everything becomes personal and has a deep meaning for us. So of course, we decided then to continue with this path and try to make the best album possible. I’d also say that right now it would feel really weird and unnatural to write about other things… In my opinion Aathma is a step forward from Spiritual Migration. It’s also the first time that we feel that there’s someone out there waiting for the album you know? We have a beautiful fan base that supports us a lot and are making the band more and more known. Also, when we write an album we don’t look back to take references or ideas… Each new album is like a picture of the moment we are living, our experiences, our feelings…

 12. Tell us something about the band that we wouldn't know by reading your Bios?

Well I’d say that we only make music when we have something to tell or express. We are not the kind of band that produces album every year to be able to tour… We all have daily jobs and make the best music we can on our free time, cause it’s just about the music. Nowadays it’s hard to find bands that care more about music than other aspects…

 13. When you were growing up, who was a big inspiration for you? Were they also the ones that made you go into band life?

Since I’m was teenager I’ve been a huge fan of Persefone myself hahaha. In fact, I started to pay more attention to drums and music because of Carlos and Moe, from Persefone, who motivated me to start a band when I met them. They were so passionate with music and everything related to it that they inspired me to do the same. So, both of them are probably the ones that pushed me into this world. Thanks, guys! :D

 14. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

All types of music, there’s a moment for everything depending on the mood. I could write a huge list right now but it’s really depending on the mood… Lately I’m listening to a lot of electronic music, like SBTRKT, FKA Twigs, Flight Facilities and a Spanish band called Wild Animals, I’m really hooked on their last album.

 15. Do you have a guilty pleasure in music, something that we would never expect?

I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like a guilty pleasure for me, but I really like Justin Timberlake. My drum students usually ask me to play lots of pop songs and I really enjoy them, most of them… hahaha.

 Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, and we wish you much success with your new album "Aathma".

Thank you for having us!