FEBRUARY 22nd 2015

Review by SubZero

Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death
Current Location: London

A British power trio calling themselves 'Pineal' released their debut EP last month, and if you prefer Alice in Chains, Pelican, or anything slow and heavy, I recommend giving these guys a listen. Very catchy, quality riffage mixed with a haunting and ominous tone make for a solid musical experience. If I could offer any criticisms to this band's opening effort, I would probably avoid using some of the more cliche' sounding sound-byte song intros, but that is just a preference of mine. The verse riffs also tend to be a bit repetitive for what they are, especially in A.O.L. and Somatic, and I really don't care for one track on the album that took a more alternative tone. I am interested to see how this band evolves musically, these guys seem to have a lot to offer the sludge/drone scene. Check out Pineal!