AUGUST 24th 2017


Interview By: Metal Mom 

Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide is here talking with Christian of Swedish heavy metallers, Portrait.

What was behind the inspiration to start the band in 2009?

We started in 2006 actually. Basically, we wanted to show that heavy metal always has remained relevant even if mainstream media and their followers have focused on other things during certain eras. We want to add to the genre as a whole by expanding it with powerful music and lyrics, which is still our goal and something I think we do better and better for each release.

You have a new album "Burn the World" about to be released in August by Metal Blade - how is this album different from your previous?

I would say it is a natural progression and that we have expanded on our earlier established concepts and aspects. It is epic, aggressive, atmospheric and dynamic - a combination we have always strived for and this time I think we have taken things to higher levels than before. To me it is a very powerful album, and it is mostly up to each listener to hear what the differences compared to earlier releases are, if they feel it is necessary to think about such things.

You have some guest appearances as well with this one, Set Teitan (Dissection/Watain) and Kevin Bower (Hell) - what made you decide to have some guest appearances?

I have known Set for a couple of years and we have a lot in common, so it was a great pleasure to have him contributing with a couple of guest solos. We also felt that keyboards in some parts could add another dimension to our sound, and there is no one having a better feeling for that than Kevin Bower, who is also by now a longtime friend of ours, so we asked him and were very glad when he said yes. Both of them did really great and we are very pleased with their contributions.

You have 10 songs on the album, do you have a favourite and why that one?

I have a very personal connection to the song Martyrs. There is a feeling in some of the melodies in it that I relate very much to, especially in combination with the lyrics of course.

Who writes the lyrics, and where do they get the ideas from to write them?

I have written the lyrics and the inspiration comes from spiritual study, practice and above all experiences granting certain insights. I put a lot of effort into the lyrics and I have a strong personal connection to them. I'm sure they can be interpreted in many ways, but to me they all have a very concrete meaning.

Where did you record Burn the World, and did it go smoothly?

The drums were recorded in a studio in our hometown, called JFK studios. The drum recordings went very smooth, and guitars, bass and vocals were then recorded at our home studios. I recorded guitars and bass, and can't really say that it went smooth because there were some technical issues and stuff like that, but in the end no really big problems anyway., The album was then mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio.

The artwork for the album is cool, can you explain the image?

It is my personal visualization of the creator of this world, in his blind state having six angels shackled to his arms (the six angels and the "god" figure adds up to seven to symbolize all sevenfold manifestations of creation). In front of them stands a man that has seen through the illusions and lies of this world and thus broken his chains, in order to walk another path than the one imposed upon him through "the grasping hands of fate".

Do you have a tour waiting to happen now in support of the album?

Yes, there will be a European tour coming up during the autumn and we hope to do as much touring as possible for the rest of the year as well as the first half of 2018.

Is there anything you would like to add here that I might have missed asking you?

We hope to get to the US and Canada soon, so every interested promoter should get in touch soon for possible bookings for 2018.

Dedicate your life to heavy metal or die.

Thank you (Tack) so much for taking the time to do this interview, we appreciate it, and we wish you much success with the new album "Burn the World".

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