FEBRUARY 7th 2015

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

Defenders of the Faith is one of Judas Priest’s shining moments. It’s a fan favorite and captures the band in their heavy metal glory. Sony Legacy are set to issue and expanded deluxe 30th anniversary edition of Defenders of the Faith that is sure to get a rise out of metal  faithful.

Priest sought out album producer Tom Allom to remaster the 10 track opus and have added additional content in the way of a 2 CD live concert recorded at Long Beach Area on May 5th, 1984. How’s that for a nice bonus, huh?
Defenders of the Faith has been remastered before, years ago alongside the Sony back catalog however; this 2014 remastering has made Defenders sound even more massive without making it sound so ‘loud’ that it ruins the experience.

I don’t need to carry on and on about how ‘spectacular’ Defenders is if you’re a serious metal fan you already know. The live performance is a snap shot of Priest at their creative peak. The band went off script with the latter Turbo and Ram It Down before regrouping and redeeming themselves with Painkiller then Halford left to work on his solo interests; the band soldiered on with Tim 'Ripper' Owens who recorded two studio albums with the band. Since then Priest has reunited with Halford however; they haven’t been able to recapture their glory years that ended with Defenders of the Faith nor will they at their point in their career.

The deluxe edition doesn’t include the bonus tracks from the previous remasters. However it should be noted that the live tracks “Heavy Duty” and “Defenders of the Faith”  were taken from the performance found within and the studio track “Turn You On” was taken from the Turbo sessions. The deluxe edition of Defenders of the Faith will have you falling in love all over again with the classics “Freewheel Burning,” “Jawbreaker,” “The Sentinel,” “Eat Me Alive,” “Love Bites,” and “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll.” This is a collection worthy of upgrading to the deluxe anniversary edition.