MAY 11th 2014
Review By: Richard Steven Hensey
Photos By: Peter Ruttan

I’ve been a fan of power metal especially if it comes from German the last few years. I’ve been lucky to see bands like Edguy, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, Iron Savior and Gamma Ray. When Primal Fear announced that they would be playing in Vancouver i had  to circle the date on my calendar as a must see.  Primal Fear was formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (vocals, ex-Gamma Ray) and Mat Sinner (bass and vocals, Sinner). Sinner & Scheepers formed the band after Ralf was not hired as Rob Halford's replacement in Judas Priest. Primal Fear is not a band that’s known for wild variations in style but once the lights dimmed and ripping into the intro tune Final Embrace i knew with the thundering rhythms, and killer melodies and of course Ralf Scheepers’ powerful vocals all were in perfect balance.

Following the opener they powered into two new tunes Alive & On Fire and Delivering the Black. 

I picked up the new album in January and what i found is that there new album Delivering The Black is like any other previous release and that is one thing that I love about Primal Fear is their ability to release no thrill excellent albums. It was clear this night the fans love and knew their new material, such as Alive & On Fire, Delivering The Black, One Night In December and When Death Comes Knocking were sung on pure energy not by Ralf but by the fans at the Venue Night Club.

If you’ve never seen Primal Fear they play raw, fast and heavy Power Metal. Musicianship was uniformly superb and with songs like Nuclear Fire, Chainbreaker, and especially Bad Guys Wear Black they are able to consistently put out a solid live performance. This held very true when Heavy Metal anthem Metal Is Forever was belted out by Ralf who has proven himself a most charismatic and effective frontman at this show. Primal Fear just makes it sound so easy and fun. In terms of musicians, kudos goes to Canadian drummer Randy Black formally of Bif Naked and Annihilator, who put on a great show and proven technical precision behind the kit.

Okay I know what you are thinking! And the answer to your question is Yes! I can safely say that last night was one of the better concert experiences that I’ve had in awhile. It was a memorable night for fans of traditional Heavy Metal. They delivered the most powerful and awesome Heavy Metal one can imagine. German power metal masters Primal Fear are back!