NOVEMBER 1st 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Venue: The Media Club, 695 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC
Doors: 8pm / Bands 9pm

The Media Club, if you have never been there, it’s a very small venue to hold a concert, not many places to sit if you felt the need, and it may have a more intimate feel to it, but I would “not” want to see a full blown metal show there. Luckily there were many places to hang without getting nailed when the moshing started up.

First up tonight is a local band I have never heard of, their name is Spell,  (formerly known as STRYKER). They are a progressive traditional heavy metal power-trio, taking influence from bands like Judas Priest and early Scorpions, but taking and putting their own twist to it making it a little more heavier. I quit enjoyed their set, taking a step back in time to the 70/80’s, Cam Mesmer, Lester Spectre and Graham McVie really did an amazing job, they really nailed that time and place with their music.

Up next is a band that everyone from the Vancouver and surrounding area knows, Titan’s Eve, who are metal through and through. If you have followed these guys, you have seen the great changes along the way, making them a contender in the metal world. They played a variety of songs, had a beer chug on stage with 3 fans, and even with some technical difficulty they performed an immaculate set. They also had quit a crowd supporting them. I also like the fact that there is interaction between Brian and the crowd, working them up into a frenzy getting everyone stoked for their show. Really can’t wait for the new album, they played a few from it, and it sounds like it will be a killer. Make sure to check them out.

Next is another band tonight, I have never heard of. Night Demon, who hails from Ventura, California. Like the heavy metal of the early 80’s, well that is exactly what you are going to get from this 3 piece band, but with their own style to it. What exceptional talent. I was so enjoying their set, when, they took a short break to converse with the fans, and some idiot, and I am really embarrassed if he is Canadian, since it was the bands first time up here. But the guy leaped up on the stage and punched the singer in the head a couple of times….what the $@#! Man, what’s the matter with you, I might expect something stupid like that at a thrash/hardcore show, and in the pit, but the band/fans were quick to react, grabbing him and escorting the creep outside. It’s really quit simple, if you don’t like the show, go outside until the band ends. DON’T RUIN IT FOR OTHERS, especially the band. But koodoos to the band for continuing on as if nothing happened. This is also a band that you definitely need to check out, I know there are many who were not at this show, that would really appreciate their sound. Excellent set, very accomplished.

And last tonight to hit the stage, is a band that comes from Newcastle, England, an English heavy metal band associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, who started their career in 1974. It’s RAVEN, if any of you hadn’t guessed. Now this band has the talent to create a visual show for everyone, with a highly energized and with interaction between band members giving us a unique image and style.  John Gallagher, Mark Gallagher, and Joe Hasselvander wailed on the bass/guitar and blasted those drums to everyone’s enjoyment, for me, I never once stopped tapping or moving my head, talk about a totally killer show. They played a variety of songs from their discography, including a song off their first album. What an amazing set, sadly though the show ran late, and because transportation shuts down at 1am, people who were enjoying had to leave. There is nothing better than watching a band who has played for many years, and still get up on stage and you know they enjoy what they do, and with all that enthusiasm, it rubs off on the fans. I will be there next time. Enjoying to the fullest.

Night Demon:
Titan’s Eve:

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