MARCH 23rd 2018

Review By: Metal Mom

Video for "Stand Up": 

It is not often I review CD’s these days, just too much happening, but I was offered to review this one, and as soon as I read, seasoned foursome, melodic hard-hitting rock, I was in. So, let’s explore this new offering.

Well after listening to Rebel a few times, and more, yes, it is that good. I am going to try and put into words why you should have this one in your collection.

From the get go, you can tell that this is focused, inspired and kicks ass EP, they are excellent at what they do, they know how to pull it all together to give a well delivered melodic alternative rock sound. It takes some real talent to put together something that includes blues/early rock, psychedelic/acid rock, hard rock and some grunge, then add the rocker vocals, perfect rocker ones too, guitar riffs and solos hit hard, bass and the energy that can be heard, and you have something out of this world, and with some attitude. They basically have created a genre all their own. You will not be disappointed with Rebel.

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