FEBRUARY 19th 2019


Welcome to MetalTitans, Metal Mom had the opportunity to chat with Thomas of a Heavy Metal band out of Munich Germany, their name is REVEREND HOUND.

Band Members are:
Wolfgang Gräbner - Vocals
Thomas M. - Guitar
Sebastian Weinstock - Guitar
Markus Brendel - Bass
Martin Schiller - Drums

METALTITANS: You got your name from the popular video game "Fallout 3", did you play the game at the time, or what made you decide this was the right name for you?

Yeah, our former bass player and me were really into that game at the time. I think that shortly before it was released there was a viral marketing campaign that involved these short „Penny Arcade Comics“ which were made to look like comic books from the 1950s. One of them had a rather unusual character in it called Reverend Hound. We though it was a good fit for a band name because it sounded kinda edgy and full of foreboding, a bit like like Black Sabbath. We also thought that it made for a great inside joke.

METALTITANS: You are from Munich Germany, with about 1.5 million people, tell us how you all found each other.

Well, the band was started by Nicki, who played bass in Reverend Hound from 2008 to 2011, and me. He's a good friend of mine and we know each other from school. He was succeeded by Markus in early 2012. I know him from his former band The Prophecy,  whom we shared the stage with a couple of times when we were just starting out. The rest of the guys we found through the internet, by posting ads in forums. When our former singer Sebastian left, we were pretty sure who we wanted to replace him and approached Wolfgang directly. We knew he could sing from his cover band Maidenhead and thankfully he was willing to join.

METALTITANS: When you get together to practise, where is that, someone's home or a studio type room?

Oh, I wish we had a studio type room or that I had a home that could fit a rehersal room in somewhere, haha... No, we're renting a rather rundown rehearsal room somewhere in Munich. It's not really big, but it serves the purpose and luckily it is pretty cheap – something that is almost impossible to find in this city.

METALTITANS: How long have you all been together with this line-up?

The current line-up has been together for roughly 3 years. Wolfgang joined us in 2015. It's funny that I have to look some of this information up on Encyclopedia Metallum because time goes by so fast when you're having fun! :)

METALTITANS: The band originally formed back in 2004 under the name Savage, things change and the music changes, do you find now is the best for you after those changes?

Hm... there is no definitive answer to this one. It's true that the music is constantly evolving – constantly improving, I hope – and I think that is what makes playing in a band and writing songs such a great experience: I want to be able to listen to the previous record and then to the current one and hear the development. I don't think we'll ever reach some kind of finish line as musicians or as a band. I am really proud of the way we've come since we started ten years ago, but there will always be something else that we'll  want to accomplish. So if your question is: Are we on top of our game right now? Maybe. I hope so. But we also constantly strive to step up our game.

METALTITANS: Who creates the lyrics for Reverend Hound?

Most of the lyrics on the last album were written by our former singer Sebastian. He really had a knack for coming up with really cool – really metal – lyrics seemingly without effort. Nowadays some of the lyrics are written by our guitar player Basti as well as our singer Wolfgang. Every once in a while I also write some lyrics but I really don't consider this my strong point.

METALTITANS: Where do the ideas come from to write?

A little bit of everything I'd say. Movies, books, history, daily politics and video games, of course. If you go through your day with open eyes, you'll always find something that inspires you. And I say that fully aware that I am a really bad lyricist, so maybe one of the other guys could give you a more  satisfactory answer :) On the last album, there is a song called „Zombie Apocalypse“. I wrote the lyrics to that one after playin „Left 4 Dead“ for the first time. The way that game captures the atmosphere of, well... the zombie apocalypse and movies such as „Dawn Of The Dead“ really impressed me so I put that into the lyrics for a song. I'd also love to write a song inspired  by Donald Trumps „Fire And Fury“ quote, although I haven't come very far with that yet...

METALTITANS: You don't have a label, does that make it hard for you to put out new music?

I have zero experience with being on a label but I'm not sure if that really helps with getting out new music. At least in this day and age. Some people have told me that nowadays you don't really need a label and with youtube being so big that might be true. To me it definitely seems like a promo agency is much more important that a label because anyone can press CDs but it's the promo guys who let people know about you. This interview for example was arranged by Markus of Metalmessage whom we are working with for promotion. That is not to say that we don't want to get signed, so if you're reading this and have a label: We're free :)

METALTITANS: What made you decide to go the Heavy Metal genre?

I don't think I had much of a choice: In my early teens I discovered AC/DC throuth a television show, so I went to the local record store and gave their current album a spin. That was the most urgent wake-up call that I ever got: The sound, the energy and the guitar solos simply blew me away. I just new that this had to be the best music in the world and well... I bought my first guitar with for my next birthday.

METALTITANS: What are you guys up to now?

We've actually started recording the next album. We progress at a steady pace, but I should at that we are working rather slow. As it's only February now I am confident that we will release a new album this year, but it might be in autumn or winter.  Needless to say, we'll keep everyone posted on our facebook page. Other than that we're trying to play as many concerts as we can this year!

METALTITANS: For you, what is the best part about being in Reverend Hound?

Being able to write and play the music that I enjoy. And also to have people show up at our concerts. There is no greater compliment than when someone you've never met before takes the time to listen to your music. And if people enjoy what we're doing, it's  just amazing. There's thousands of bands out there and if people honor us by coming to our shows and show us their appreciation, it feels just unreal. I am grateful for everyone who listens to what we do.

METALTITANS: Can you ever picture yourself doing anything else?

None of us are full-time musicians so we're doing quite a lot of other things by necessity. But no, I cannot imagine ever giving up playing music.

METALTITANS: As a kid, is this something you always wanted to do?

Yes. Although when I was a little kid I always wanted to be a drummer. Ringo Starr was my hero and I played my dad's old Beatles tapes all day long :)

METALTITANS: Did you have anyone when you were young that was a real inspiration for you to be in a band?

When I discovered AC/DC I was all about Angus Young, of course. Later it was Zakk Wylde and his amazing pinch harmonics and then Alexi Laio. Together with some others these are still my guitar heroes.

METALTITANS: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to when you are not working on the music for the band?

I listen to pretty much anything from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Cannibal Corpse. But mostly I'm into Heavy, Thrash and Power Metal, so it's those kinds records that I mostly listen to. Just recenty I rediscovered "Nuclear Fire“ by Primal Fear and I've also been listening to the new Striker record a lot.

METALTITANS: Tell us something about the band, that we should know.

First and foremost we consider ourselves metalheads, so that's where our passion comes from. We try to create the music that we would like to listen to, so Reverend Hound is pretty much "metal from the fans for the fans“. And we think that metal needs an energetic live performance so whenever we play we try to leave everything on stage. You should come check us out! :)

METALTITANS: (Danke), Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview. It is appreciated.

It's us who have to thank you! Thanks for taking the time for this interview! If you haven't done so yet, check us out on youtube, our website www.reverendhound.com and leavy a like on facebook! Have a great  time and metal on!