MAY 9th 2016 

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
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It is Monday, and I headed into town to see two bands I have not seen before, looking forward to this.

First up tonight at the Rickshaw Theatre is UNLEASH THE ARCHERS. It has been awhile since I have seen this band play live, and I wasn’t disappointed, they hit the stage about 8pm, did a variety of songs and held our interest. What’s even better, they are a local band, and they have made a name for themselves. Their sound was right on the mark, they were the perfect band to start the night off. If you ever get a chance to check out this kick ass band, do it, they are a metal, power metal style that are fast and can keep your attention.

Up next is PRIMAL FEAR, WOW, impressed, amazed, astonished, blown away, I think you got the idea. I didn’t know what to expect when they hit the stage, they have been put into a genre of metal, well that may be true, but you have got to add power metal, with some elements of pure thrash metal, and traditional heavy metal along with it. Whatever it is, you are going to be blown away. It has the sound, the beat that you can’t help but move to, whether it is head banging, or clapping, anything really. I like the way they moved around the stage, giving everyone a chance to see what each of them do. What I liked even better was the fact there wasn’t some wild mosh pit you had to watch out for, everyone I saw was standing and thoroughly enjoying and having a great time. I think I had a smile on my face for their whole set. There were plenty of songs too that the crowd was singing their hearts out to, along with at times echoing what is asked for. Scream for Primal Fear they did. I also appreciate that Ralf Scheepers introduced all the band members, especially for those of us who didn’t know who was who. They nailed their set completely, and they stole the show for me, in fact I could have listened to this band all night. An amazing band that put on an excellent set for all to enjoy, and we did, thank you very much.

Headliner tonight is Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody; I am having trouble writing for this part. After 3 songs I left, I just wasn’t enjoying. Maybe following Primal Fear, I was expecting something along the same lines.  Not sure. Remember…. this is only my opinion; this is what I go for. Wait, before you complain, they did an excellent job, everything fell into place and they had the crowd’s attention. Most of the crowd.  I am one, that likes music that has a beat, doesn’t have to be loud and in your face, but even in the back that steady beat that you can bang your head to, tap your fingers, but I didn’t find it. The energy on stage, was just a little over the top for me as well. Talking to others around me, they said the one looked like he was high on cocaine to be that active up there, and maybe he fed off the crowd, but he was so wired for sound, it was almost overkill for the music. To each their own, a lot of people were there enjoying, and that’s great. But I just simply didn’t enjoy the sound or set, so I made my trek home early.