JUNE 30th 2016

Review by Metal Mom

Genre: Metal
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Nephente Fridell - vocals
Tobias Jakobsson – guitars/bass
Adrian Erlandsson – drums

Track Listing:
1. Dovt Är Dödens Dån
2. Avart Och Vanart
3. Svärta
4. Lågor Vid Portarna"

Release Date: May 31st through Scarecrow Recordings.
I have the distinct honour of being given this EP to review, I know nothing of the band, or their music, so a little back ground is in order, which I will share with you.

 The name Riket is Swedish for “The Kingdom” and was formed by John Nephente Fridell (vocals), and Tobias Jakobsson (lead guitarist), who both share a passion for simplistic death metal., and who both wanted to try something new. While in the process of writing, At The Gates/The Haunted drummer Adrian Erlandsson, who also drummed in Netherbird 2007-2010, joined and completed the group.

The band is new therefore giving them the freedom to put out something they deemed essential in the metal realm of things. Lyrics are all written in Swedish and by Nephente, but you don’t need to understand the words to know this is an EP worth having, lots of aggression, and they deliver 4 songs of simplistic death metal. To me, it sounds more like the older style metal from the old underground. This EP is going to grab your attention for all 4 songs, which are reflections upon various dark themes, life, and how expendable it is, and how each person perceives it. These talented musicians knew what they wanted to do, and they excelled at it.

RIKET sprung into existence in order to make one recording and this is it. There will be a few very underground gigs during 2016, and hopefully you will be able to witness this new group RIKET,  and let’s hope that they have a great response to the EP and the shows, because it would be something to have a full CD from them.

RIKET - Dovt är dödens dån