SEPTEMBER 16/17th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper



I have been waiting for this lineup to come through since it was first announced. Marduk was originally on, but had visa issues, and had to cancel their performance on this tour. But make no mistake the other bands are forging on and leaving their mark. I am going to say it, it was a great tour even without Marduk, in fact for me, I enjoyed it even more, and word has it around the venues, it was just fine, no one seemed upset they were not there. More time for the others to perform and these three bands just nailed it.

Friday, Sept 16th.
Studio Seven, Seattle WA.

INQUINOK, first band to hit the stage tonight, is a local band right out of Seattle that formed back in 2000 and has a lot of talent. If you are a fan of Black Metal, Extreme Metal, Symphonic Metal, Melodic Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, US Black Metal, then you will appreciate the sound of this band. I sometimes don’t review the locals, but once I heard their first song, I knew I had to hear more. The crowd also seemed pretty enthusiastic about their set. They have the look, and they have the talent to pull it all together and give the crowd some amazing songs. If they are openers at a show, please, get there early to check them out. Don’t forget some openers go on to become big names.

Next is FUNERAL AGE, and only fair I review this band as well. So here goes. This band also grew from the depths of Seattle. They also have many fans following them. If you prefer the black thrash metal, then this is the band for you to check out. What I love about Seattle, is they support their local bands, and it gives people the chance to check out some new bands. They did a great job.

Next is the tour line up who crush and who freakin’ amazed the crowd, apparently this lineup needed no one else. Phenomenal performance by each of these three bands.

NECRONOMICON (Black/Death Metal) are up first from the tour, and as always, they did an exceptional set. It is what you expect from a band that has been around for 20+ years. This band is very underrated, I am not sure why, they have never failed to put on an excellent show, always giving their bests to the crowds. If you get the chance you need to see this Canadian band, enjoy their music which is epic, massive and harsh, and do some head banging. They played a multitude of songs from their discography. Necronomicon has always pleased the crowds, their sets are filled with songs of the dark, but you have to be there to really appreciate the talent behind this three-member band. Truly a great choice to start the tour line up with.
Crown of Thorns:

CARACH ANGREN (Horror Black Metal), haven’t heard of them before? Welcome to the realm of fairytales, when sweat trickles down your spine, goosebumps crawl under your skin, and fear takes hold of you, then you have come into contact with Carach Angren. Really, you can’t help but enjoy the show, the production, the flamboyant orchestral madness, the energy, this is what nightmares are made of. They have created something unique, yes they have the rasping vocals which we all love, the inspiring riffs of metal, and don’t forget the unforgiving haunting drums blasts, taking us deep into the realms of darkness. But there is just so much more when you watch them. Seattle was such a theatrical performance, with such talent backing it up. I have seen these demons many times before, and I personally will never miss them when they come to town, or a city not too far off. Their songs are well thought out and give the crowd something out of the ordinary. This is a band that has the whole package, the look, the music, the talent, and out to please the crowd. Please the crowd, oh that they did. Surprise member on this tour this time was Jack Owen (Deicide), and Jack did a phenomenal job of fitting right in.
When Crows Tick on Windows:

ROTTING CHRIST, the headliner on this tour, played for just over an hour, which wasn’t long enough. You could tell that most of the crowd was here tonight for these Greek masters. It has been a very long time since they graced our shores, 1993 in fact, over 20 years ago. RC is an extreme metal band that formed in 1987. They are noted for being one of the first black metal bands within that region, as well as a premier act within the European underground metal scene. They are also responsible for creating the signature Greek black metal sound prevalent in the early 1990s. If you were on Barge to Hell, like me, then you saw them before tonight. They put on one heck of a show tonight, with such a great variety of songs. Crowds were moshing, horns high, singing, and just out and out enjoying every minute of this set. They definitely are a crowd pleaser.
Apage Satana:

I will say that Studio 7, had much better lighting, and sound of the two shows.

Saturday, Sept. 17th
The Imperial, Vancouver BC.

Kafirun (Black Metal) - (Eternal void of death) from Vancouver, established 2013. Band Interests - Infernal orgies of the undead. Band Members are Luzifaust, Hanephi, Hypnocrotizer, Mesmorphion. You can just tell what this band has in store for you when you read my previous statement. I wish I could have stayed and listened. But holy crap Imperial, small venue, turn the damn sound down. When it is so loud, people leave, or they don't get the real taste of what the band is playing. So sorry guys, hopefully I will catch you at a different venue, and enjoy.

Hissing - (Cave Slam), from Seattle and a death/black/doom metal band who came to be in 2014. Again, sorry, could not stay in the room with such loud sound. I have been to so many concerts over the 7 years, and never have I experienced such a loud sound. But from what I heard, they sounded interesting, and definitely black, with more sludge. Maybe I will catch you at some point in Seattle.

I will say right now that I was not impressed with the lighting, a little too dark, too many strobes, and too much fog. Again, extremely loud so it distorts the sound of the bands. A shame really, because if you don’t hear the quality of each band as they play, you don’t really get the feel for the bands, and hence, low merch sales as well.

Okay, so NECRONOMICON hit the stage, and played a fantastic set, I don’t know how they do it night after night, then get in their van and drive themselves to each city/venue. Considering that some of them were sick, you would never have known, they executed their performance to an enthusiastic crowd, they played a great variety of their songs, a great selection, and everyone was responding very well to them. The name Necronomicon was taken from the occult inspiration from the famed literary invention of American master of weird horror fiction H.P. Lovecraft. Over time the band has overcome many obstacles in their path, only to move on and succeed in their own right. Spreading their own occult message and doing what they do best. Watching them play you get a special sense of awareness. You can see how much heart goes into what they do. When you are checking out Necronomicon, make sure to check out the lyrics, it’s just not your norm, everyday metal lyrics, a lot of thought and digging has gone into what they write about. Needless to say, a magnificent set.

CARACH ANGREN, boy I will never ever get tired of watching their set. They put so much into them. Although this time at the Imperial, I was so disappointed with the lighting, in fact so many strobes were going off at once, that the whole stage just went white, you couldn’t see the great gear they were wearing. The fellow next to me asked why they would do that, I said they didn’t, it’s the venue. Trust me, I would have fired the guy doing the lighting, Carach Angren has such an amazing look, creepy at times too, that you almost take a step back. But you didn’t get to see this very clearly. I know what they look like and what they sound like, so it was a shame that Vancouver didn’t get the full effect of such an amazing band. They really kick ass, and with this kind of talent, they can headline anytime. They have what it takes to give us everything we could possibly want from a band. The theatrical look, love it, the songs, which can be haunting and give you chills, and the instruments that pull it altogether too complete Carach Angren. In case you noticed, yes, there was another member with them this time around, his name is Jack Owen, and you probably know him best from Deicide. There is just so much that goes into this band. But there is no mistaking the talent of all these members, the capability of song writing, and phenomenal look. It is just the perfect haunting image. You will leave wanting more. So in case you want to see them in all their madness, they are returning Oct 2 to the Red Room. Don’t miss it or you will kick yourself.

ROTTING CHRIST, well they never fail to perform, giving the crowd their all. The floor filled when they came on. They seemed to have more energy tonight, and it showed. They again played a variety of astounding songs to everyone’s pleasure. Sometimes it is just so hard to say or explain just how good they are. Especially when you are enjoying their set so much, you don’t pay attention to all the details about the show. I just know they had the crowd moving, they had head banging, horns high, cheering, singing. That in itself tells you that everyone was enjoying Rotting Christ.  The lighting again wasn’t the best, but I do understand at times they want to have the image of darkness. Two nights in a row, and I was absolutely amazed by their performance. They truly are awe-inspiring to watch.

There are still a few dates left to this tour, I highly recommend this one, everyone on this lineup was astonishing, tremendous, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, excellent, brilliant, fabulous, sensational, terrific, I think you get the picture, they kicked major ass. And I am sorry to say, they didn’t need Marduk along with them. They forged ahead and people are left wanting more in each city/venue.