NOVEMBER 15th 2016


Interview By: Metal Mom

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Ryan "rubble" Barber today to talk about RUBBLE. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. First, tell us what made you call the band "Rubble" ?

Rubble is a nickname that I have had since college. When I decided to make the jump to solo artist, it seemed like the most logical choice for a name as a lot of people already knew me by Rubble.

2. Before Rubble, were you in any other bands ?

I was. I have been in bands since I was around 14. I was in a few cover/party bands as well as a few original bands, where a portion of the ideas for my current record were formulated.

3. Checking your facebook page, it names you as the only member, do you not have other permanent members to complete Rubble, or do you prefer to do this on your own ?

I have actually been trying to put a band together to compose and produce this music for a number of years. My most recent band, The Legacy, came to an end when my best friend and bassist passed at the age of 24. At that point, I made the very hard decision to record this all myself as a solo artist, or risk the music never being made and my vision never being seen.

4. Explain to us what you mean when it says "an unexpected blend of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal" ?

Most people expect certain things when hearing a band for the first time. One of my biggest goals in writing this music was to blend elements from heavier genres and package them in a manner that was palatable to a wide array of people. I think people appreciate hearing those things in a setting previously unheard. As well as new listeners are not turned off by the harsher elements of heavy music.

5. When did you decide to create Rubble ?

When I went into the studio to start recording in spring 2015, I was not sure if the music would be released as a band effort or a solo effort. It became necessary to brand myself as a solo artist when it became clear that I would not be able to market and grow until I took the initiative to do so myself. I also chose to do this in order to maintain complete creative control and rights retention.

6. Was there anyone / band that inspired you to do this ?

No one has been a solo artist in the rock genre in quite a while. Since the days of Tom Petty, Rick Springfield etc. Those artists speak to me for their ability to bring their vision to the world. Another big influence of mine is Dave Grohl. The first few Foo Fighters records were written, recorded, and produced by him alone. This made me feel like it wasn’t impossible to do what I was trying to do. Like I wasn’t such a lone nut.

7. If there is only you, you must write the lyrics for your songs then, where does the inspiration come from ?

All of my songs are about real subject matter. Non-fiction if you will. From matters of the heart to working hard with the goal of revolution, to dealing with the emotions and depression attached to the death of someone close to you. I really tried to write songs that exhibited things that everyone thinks about, but perhaps haven’t pulled together exactly how they feel about them or been able to quantify them with words.

8. You play guitar, did you take lessons at one point, or are you self taught ?

I started teaching myself guitar at the age of 9. As my family was very poor, we could not afford guitar lessons. It gave me a better than average ability to play by ear. Then in college, I took classical guitar lessons as a part of my music education degree. I think the best approach is a great ear, backed by a solid knowledge base.

9. Your new album ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, came out Jun 7th, what made you call it that, I have an idea, but I am sure others would like to know ? Older music fans might even think it stems from a group from 1968 with that name.

As previously talked about, all of these songs are real, and very close to my heart. Every song on the album represent one of these three aspects “Blood, Sweat and Tears.” It also represents the very long and hard journey that lead to the record’s existence.  As a side note, I love the group, Blood, Sweat, & Tears. You are actually in the minority in associating me with them. It doesn’t happen as often as I would have thought.

10. How many songs are on the album ?

There are 14 tracks on the album including seven singles and a seven-movement  requiem, composed in honor of my best friend and bassist, mentioned earlier.

11. Do you personally have a favourite ?

I really love them all! They all have a very different feel and purpose. I suppose if I had to choose, I would choose the requiem. It was written and recorded as one song and then split into seven tracks after the fact. It’s a whole different animal, in my opinion.

12. You also don’t have a label, is that by choice, or are you still looking ?

Well, I have turned down many record deals at this point. Not that I am not interested. The fact is, I have something good going all by myself. If I sign to a label, they will have to be able to add to that. I’m also on the search for labels that actually have the artist’s best interest at heart. A true rarity these days.

13. Did you have any kind of kickstarter, fund raising program to help you get the funds to make this possible ?

I didn’t. I believe in the power of hard work and investing in one’s self. I worked, saved, and went without a lot in order to be in a position to be able to make this album right. One reason it has been such a long time coming.

14. Will you only be doing CD’s or do you hope to do some tours ?

Touring is definitely on the books!

15. What is next for you ?

At the moment, I am getting my live band ready for live and tour settings. We will be hitting the road before you know it to support my new album. Also, I’m always meeting as many fans of new music as possible. Its hard to say exactly what is next at the moment, but that is part of why it is so exciting.

16. Where do you hope to be in let’s say 5 years from now ?

Hopefully still making music. It is my passion and as long as I can make a living and feed my family, I will continue to be passionate about making music. Hopefully we will see a shift in the industry and fan mentality in that time as well.

17. What kind of music to you enjoy listening to when you are not working on music for Rubble?

I really enjoy music of all types and genres. The heavier stuff has always spoken to me more deeply. Some favorites include: Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Alterbridge, and Symphony X. Always changing though.

18. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you that you want people to know ?

Just that the power now lies with the people. There are people like me all over the world that just need people to believe in them in order to do something great. There is no true measure of success in this industry anymore. So now, more than ever, the people must step up and support the music that they want to see live on.

Thank you Ryan very much for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success.