SEPTEMBER 1st 2016

Review By: Metal Mom

Well , it was time for me to take my stand, Sabaton is one of my favourite bands, and no way was I letting someone else review this one. This is their 8th studio album, and it was released Aug 19th and it’s called "The Last Stand", produced by Peter Tägtgren in the Abyss Studio.

The artwork on the album is made by Peter Sallaí who has been with SABATON since "Carolus Rex".  This album is a concept album, and as you can guess it is inspired by many famous 'last stand' battles. The track listing below showcase the battle themes, and each theme I have put in brackets beside each track, for those history buffs out there reading this.

 Track Listing:

1. "Sparta"  (Battle of Thermopylae)
2. "Last Dying Breath"   (Dragutin Gavrilović)
3. "Blood of Bannockburn"   (Battle of Bannockburn)
4. "Diary of an Unknown Soldier"   (Meuse-Argonne Offensive)
5. "The Lost Battalion"   (Lost Battalion (World War I))
6. "Rorke's Drift"   (Battle of Rorke's Drift)
7. "The Last Stand"   (Stand of the Swiss Guard)
8. "Hill 3234"   (Battle for Hill 3234)
9. "Shiroyama"   (Battle of Shiroyama)
10. "Winged Hussars"   (Polish hussars/Battle of Vienna)
11. "The Last Battle"   (Battle for Castle Itter)
12. "Camouflage (Stan Ridgway Cover)" (Bonus Track) Vietnam War
13. "All Guns Blazing (Judas Priest Cover)" (Bonus Track)  
14. "Afraid To Shoot Strangers (Iron Maiden Cover)" (Bonus Track - EARBOOK edition only)   
15. "Burn In Hell (Twisted Sister Cover)" (Bonus Track - JAPAN only)
The Last Stand was released on August 19th through Nuclear Blast. The album reached the highest US & Canadian chart entries in our history debuting at:

 #63 on the Billboard U.S. Top 200 album chart.
 #2 on the Billboard Hard Music chart.
 #2 on the Canadian Hard Music Chart.
 #20 on the Canadian Top 200 album chart.

The Last Stand also holds:
 #5 position on the Billboard Top Rock album chart.
 #4 on the Billboard Independent albums chart.
 #19 on the Billboard Top Current Albums chart.

Worldwide first week chart positions for The Last Stand include:
 #1 - Czech Republic
 #1 - Finland
 #1 - Sweden
 #2 - Germany
 #4 - Belgium
 #11 - Netherlands
 #11 - Norway
 #15 - Hungary
 #17 - UK
 #29 - Australia
 #92 - Ireland

If you are not a history buff, not to worry, you are about to become one. It’s something that Sabatons new album is going to encourage you to check out. I myself find I am looking up these battles, and I hated history in school, if only they had it in the form of song. Sabaton has become victorious in 2016, even more so than in the past. Each battle tells a story, and it seems that Sabaton is just the one to tell it. Don’t expect to hear Heros, sure it has a few familiar sounding riffs/tunes, but this one “The Last Stand” is giving us so much more, like new stories, some bagpipe action, some pioneering guitar solos, and crisp riffs. Let us not forget the drums, sounding like the battle cry on the fields of war, pulling everyone together, determined to fight to the end, no matter the cost. You will also find some memorable melody, and put those very distinguished vocals with it, and you are hooked, wanting to hear more, to learn. This is so much more than what I expected.

There is a lot on this album to take in, I probably listened to this one for a few days, some songs bring sadness, just knowing what had taken place. But instead of it all falling to the wayside, Sabaton makes us remember, not letting us forget the last stands which held against overwhelming odds. Yet somehow, I feel guilty listening to the album. It is a masterpiece, done so well, musically, full of energy and just all around excellence, I smile, and it doesn’t seem right when it is about war.

Like The Battle of Rorke’s Drift, Sabaton has sheer determination to give us an exemplary album. I am sure that if there were survivors to these battles, they would stand and salute Sabaton for their creative way of bringing it all to the forefront.

Band Members:

Joakim Brodén: vocals and keyboards
Pär Sundström: bass and backing vocals
Chris Rörland: guitar and backing vocals
Thobbe Englund: guitar and backing vocals, co-lead vocals on "All Guns Blazing"
Hannes van Dahl: drums

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