MARCH 10th 2017


Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide. We have the honor of an exclusive interview today with David Reece of Sainted Sinners. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

1. The band formed in early 2016, tell me how you got guitarist Frank Pané, keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg, bassist Malte Frederik Burkert and drummer Berci Hirleman to come and join together with you to form Sainted Sinners?

  Well first thanks for the chance to speak with you and all your readers! Of course, Frank and I were in Bonfire together for a few years and after I left in July of 2016 Frank called me and asked if he could come to my house in ITALY and chat about everything. I agreed and we basically shared the same view that we loved working together and wished to carry on. Frank had written all the music for the next Perpendicular album but he had left the group and always as he told me he could hear me over the music. The first song he played me was insane and we pretty much finished it at our kitchen table we called it 'Truth is a Lie' then he left the remaining tracks with me which to be honest were so good they just asked me to write stories to them and melodies. The others Malte and Berci played before with Frank in Perpendicular and when he left they followed. Ferdy Doernberg Frank and I have known (Frank) better so he was the perfect fit.

2. How did you come up with the name for the band?

  Actually, Frank did and I to be honest don't know? Lol!

3. Your style is definitely a rock’n’roll sound, your influences were Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Whitesnake and more, all classic, did you ever think of maybe taking a different direction, or this is what you love?

  It's who I am as a singer all of those mentioned were and are big influences to me as a singer as well as UFO and Bad Co. So, doing this album allowed me to shine I believe.

4. The lyrics for the songs, are somewhat an autobiographic story (not all), you write what you know. Do you think this helps with the fans enjoying, because they can relate?

  Yes, they are, for me personally I've worked with many liars and cheats in the last few years so I really needed to express those feelings. I think most good people struggle in this life because there's a lot of stuff in the world which counters what most of us were raised to believe and act about.

5. What do you mean when you say the eleven tracks are ‘colorful’?

  Melodies, soul, because without those elements and of course that tribal drum groove the tapestry is blank? Music is an art like painting it creates moods atmosphere so to me it's colorful.

6. You have 11 songs on “Sainted Sinners”, do you personally have a favourite?

  Right now..Did You..because the solo section is so beautiful! Frank really captured the moment there. And lyrically it is special to me.

7. Was it a long process from start to finish?

  Not at all! And the reason I believe it's such a great album is because it's been written in a natural way? If a song doesn't immediately grab me I've learned most times it never will? So, to be honest this record start to finish really does it for me and the others.

8. Tell us, what can we expect from your first album?

  Solid hard rock with a blues feel and some incredibly gifted playing instrumentally on it. Vocals and lyrics are who I am as a man I really am not a fan of sugar coated AOR music? some I like but this is meat and potatoes rock!

9. Now that you are about to release your debut, do you have any regrets, wishing maybe you had done something a different way?

Strangely enough? Every album I've done I listen back and say? Oh could have done this or that better but I don't honestly have that feeling .. in this I feel we nailed it! And I know everyone says that but I really feel good about this.

10. Cool artwork for the album, who designed it, and where did the inspiration come from?

  It's Franks wife Lydia on the cover she also is singing background vocals with me on the album and she sings live onstage with us. Manfred Smietana designed the artwork he's really gifted and I love it!

11. Once the album is released will you be doing a tour to support?

  Yes, we just did our first show February 5th it was great fun great crowd and our friend Graham Bonnet joined us onstage for 6 numbers. We’re touring all year and our record release party is February 24 in Germany so yes we're a real group which will tour. Also, I am working on US and Canadian dates for the summer.

12. If so, where can fans expect to find you on the road?

  All year long 2017 because we're all Sainted Sinners!

13. Is there a place, since you have travelled a lot on previous tours, that you know would be an excellent place to showcase your music?

  Well? Germany of course I've played and lived before so it's always great! Also Czech Republic is a gas,  Switzerland and Austria and Bulgaria!  Everywhere I go people are so great and I love to experience their cultures.

14. What do you want fans to get from your album?

  A good bone deep rock feel! If that happens it's all good! Lol!

15. When you are not working with the band, what might we find you doing?

   I like to rollerblade,  also I love training and hunting pointing dogs !

16. Do you go to shows yourself? If so, what kind of music do you enjoy the most?

  Rock mostly but blues too! Paul Rogers kills me live! Joe Bonamassa I admire greatly also Mario Percudani is a favourite he's in Hungryheart.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer the questions for our interview. We wish you much success with your debut album Sainted Sinners, out Feb 24th through El Puerto Records.

Thank you for the honor of sharing my story and looking forward to a long life in Roc and Roll.