NOVEMBER 15th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


I really don’t like it when doors are at 7pm, makes it hard to arrive in time from the Valley, when you get off at 5:30, and it takes an hour to get into town. For me, the reason being I don’t want to miss the local bands, I just might discover a new band I enjoy.

To start the night off we have IRON KINGDOM, from Surrey, BC, the guys come out all dressed in studded leather jackets, so I was wondering what to expect. It didn’t take long before I realized that they are a power / heavy metal band, and they did an excellent job, just what I needed to start my night off with. If you enjoy the 70/80’s style of music, and the vocals, superb, perfect for what they create, then you are going to love these guys. And the energy level is what you expect from a band that plays that style. All in all, they really put so much into their set. This is why people should NOT miss opening bands.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy, and it had nothing to do with the band, was the fight that broke out, I am serious, with a power metal band, seriously, what the heck, and who moshes at a power metal performance, this idiot was drunk just walking in the door. And I think he must have wanted another show, because he kept doing that deep growls and yelling Satan. An embarrassment to metalheads everywhere. You had everyone watching you for those 10 minutes instead of the band. Rant over.

Okay, next up is a band out of Seattle, WA and it’s a more Alternative Progressive Rock band. What makes them stand out from others in that genre? Well, listening to the lyrics you will discover some inspiring thoughts there, maybe making you think about the world around you. “Only with YOU is there We”, love their motto. Great energy on stage, and they also had the attention of the fans. Nothing better than going to a show and discovering another band to add to my list of likes. They gave such a fantastic performance, each and every one of the members mastered their instruments with such skill. At times, it’s the small things that entertain me, like the drum, it was clear, and had little black/orange balls that bounced around when it was hit. Yes, I enjoyed seeing that. It was different, and it caught my eye, making for a visual effect that was appealing. I hope it won’t be long before I can check this band out on stage again.

Next….if you were at this show, then this is who you came for, SANCTUARY. Metal, Progressive. Is that what you want, then you got it. Originally formed back in 1985, only to disband in 1992, but nothing can hold them down, they returned with a vengeance 18 years later. In October of this year, they released “The Year the Sun Died”, their first in 25 years, from which they played a few, in fact they played a variety of old and new songs to lots of cheers from the fans. There was a lot of interaction as well between Warrel and the crowd, with a lot of great jokes and laughs. Making for a more intimate concert. They played a phenomenal show, one that should not have been missed. And yet, even though it has been years since Sanctuary has played Vancouver, there was maybe, just maybe 60 people on the floor. Shameful turnout for Vancouver, but it also meant I could enjoy to the fullest. And of course I really enjoyed White Rabbit, a cover from Jefferson Airplane, which I sang along to…what, you don’t know who Jefferson Airplane is…I just might be a little older than you ;) .  I also had the privilege to see them in 2012 on Barge to Hell. So it wasn’t as long an absence for me. Sadly Brad Hull could not make it across the border, so Matthew Wickland, (Ghost Ship Octavius) but who most recognize from God Forbid, filled in and did an absolute superb job. The show was killer, and each member performed and gave 110%. Great show, don’t wait so long to come back.