FEBRUARY 27th 2017

Metaltitans Founder Char Tupper and Metal Mom have the privilege of reviewing 4 songs from the up and coming Hard rock/Metal band Sault. Let me tell you this is a real honour. But before I get started, let me first give you a little information on the band.

The band is a creation formed by well know Kamelot bassist Sean Tibbetts in 2014 and was supposed to be a solo album. Soon it was morphed into Sault, a band with a true unique style of music.

Sean was introduced to guitarist Curtis Jay by long-time friend Bisquette Bewley while at a tattoo parlor. Curtis was asked to record on a few tracks for the Sault demo. Both knew there was something special created, and it led to a full-length album.

Next a singer was needed, one that had some original quality to his voice and would fit the dark melodic melodies. They talked with singer Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll), and Sean was referred to her friend Benjamin Riggs (Riggs). After working on the project, and hearing his unique vocals Riggs was asked to be a member.

Sean, being a member of Kamelot, and working with band mate Casey Grillo, and asked if he would be interested in recording the drums. This was a natural fit as they have worked together for many years.

A little history on the band members:

Sean Tibbetts: bassist / founding member of Sault. Studio musician and touring artist best known for his insane stage performances. Sean was also an extreme metal bassist for Royal Anguish (Fear Dark Records, Netherlands) and Wykked Wytch (Demolition Records). Endorsements include: ESP Basses, Alien Ears in-ear monitors, Nady and Wornstar clothing.

Curtis Jay: Originally from Palmyra Pennsylvania, Curtis has spent the last Few decades travelling, playing guitar, writing and recording through much of the 90s. 2012 saw him in Florida spending most of 3 years working on his project, “Inside the machine”. While in Florida he crossed paths with Sean Tibbetts in a tattoo shop, discussing the possibility of a joint musical venture focusing on a new sound for hard rock/metal. Soon afterward Curtis began writing with Sault to complete their current project.

Benjamin Riggs: Throughout the years, Riggs was vocalist or guitarist for several bands, most notably, with the metal band he co-founded Arcanium.

Casey Grillo: Originally from Oklahoma City. Over the last twenty years Casey has developed into one of the most admired, respected and versatile drummers playing anywhere in the world. He started honing his skills when he was eight years old and was working with national artists while he was still in his teens. He is now most often associated with Kamelot, Casey is now based in Tampa, Florida and, when he is not on the road with Kamelot, he can be found, producing artists at his studio, playing with local musicians and passing on his skills through private lessons.

Now let’s move on to my review:

ADONAI – You can feel some real thundering in your veins here. A punch to the gut right away. Yes, it caught my attention. Vocals have substance, add the guitar, drums and bass, you have something that you want to listen over and over to. A great listen for sure.

GUILT - Another that gets your heart pumping, some exceptional talent here putting this all together, bass can be heard, take note, these are some great bass lines. Vocals do a multiple duty here, with changes, appreciate the talent here as well. Once again though, all the members pull this together and make for an excellent listen. 

A PEACEFUL MOMENT – It seems that I am not going to be disappointed in any of these 4 songs they gave me to review. This one, has some wonderful melodies, whether it is the bass, guitar, drums or vocals, they all carry some great drives. This song makes the talent of Casey stand out above the rest though. Sault is nailing each and every song with their talent. Obviously, a lot of work and thought went into these 4 masterful songs.

SAVE MYSELF – Get ready, talk about powerful, in your face sounds. This has it, and you will enjoy some massive guitar riffs, some drum blasts, bass lines that will have you wanting this. Just so you can blast it in your iPod, car, or wherever you might be.

I can’t thank you enough for letting us review these over the top 4 songs. Probably the hardest part was writing this, you see I was having it play in the background, and then because it is so darned great, you listen to the music, tap your fingers, bang your head, and voila you forget all about writing this. Needless to say, I had to shut it off to get this done. It really is so well done, so well thought out, and so worth it. Congrats guys, this is a phenomenal listen.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saultband/?fref=ts
Twitter: @Saultband