AUGUST 16th, 2014

We at MetalTitans recently got the opportunity to do a written interview with the band SAWTHIS, a modern thrash metal band from Italy. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.

1.  Tell us what made you decide to form a band ?

(Michele, DRUMS) Yes, with pleasure! We were born ten years ago, almost casually. With the passage of time, however, we felt the need to turn our love for music into a project clearly defined. Music is a formless art, pure atmosphere, and this makes it the most appropriate means of abstracting from reality. This has made Sawthis an oasis, "parallel" to the real world, where everything is possible: here, the negativity that surrounds us can become something positive that we have full government. I think this is the advantage of all passions: make you feel free.

2.  How did you come up with the name SAWTHIS, does it have a meaning to you ?

(M) Our first name was "Sothis" and we chose it because it's direct and simple phonetically. Then, Sothis is the name of a deity and we like it. There was nothing more except that we were really fond of that word. As a result we had to change because of a dispute with a Californian band with the same name. So, we chose "Sawthis" which, fortunately, has spared the trauma of call us in another way under the stage and save the most important thing: the feeling! For what concerns the meaning of the word Sawthis, however: there is only one thing that is bigger than the "all": "nothing"! That is why, a word that means "nothing" is the word that best represents us!

3.  You are called a modern thrash metal band, do you think that is accurate for your band?

(M) Surely thrash metal (like death metal and hardcore) is our background but influences are important. So we don't consider ourselves thrash metal in "classic" mode. If "thrash metal" should be a term for call ourselves we accept it, if it must be a term for close ourselves in a form, don't accept it at all. The thrash present in our music is not a thrash for "nostalgic" but it is very modern. This makes our music an expression of contemporary life. . So, in our case, the word "thrash", has nothing to canonical.

4.  Do you think there is a difference between European thrash, and North American thrash ?

(M) Sure! They are very different. I prefer American thrash because  I grew up with Megadeth but European thrash  (Swedish in particular), was really important to renew the genre. While the thrash made in U.S.A. is essentially "rhythmic"; the European thrash is much more sophisticated especially at the harmonic level and give less importance to refined rhythmic solutions. So, you understand: it is normal for me to prefer American thrash. But in Sawthis the rhythmic and harmonic experimentation have the same weight to achieve an original balance.

5.  Has it always been a dream for you to have a band ?

(M)Yes! For all of us! Always! I do not even consider a choice: it is a requirement. We can only fight it (but it would be unnatural and frustrated) or accept it. So we have not only accepted but to go along with all our strength. Otherwise Sawthis would never have existed.

6.  Tell us how each of the members came to be in Sawthis ….

Alessandro Falà (vox) He's with us since our second album "Egod". With him our style has grown. His voice is very versatile and almost without limits!!

Adriano Quaranta ( guitar ) - He is, along with me, the only remaining founding member.

Janos Murri ( guitar ) - He is the last to arrive but we knew each other for years since he replaced Adriano also in some of our tour. This made him the natural choice due to the defection of one of our guitarists.

Gaetano Ettorre ( bass ) - He is the member that plays the longest in Sawthis after me and Adrian. It replaced our previous bassist during the release of our very first album then he has lived all steps of our troubled history, he has carved out a large and unavoidable space. So, his entry into the Sawthis was inevitable.

Michele Melchiorre ( drums ) -  I am the only "original" of the 2006  line-up (that of our first album "Fusion") and considered my role similar to the "secret formula" for Coca-Cola Ha Ha Ha ... I am the main songwriter and I believe to be the key to our sound and this is the role that everyone recognize me.

7.  You recently put out an album “Youniverse”, how was the reaction to this from fans?

(M) "Youniverse" was greeted with genuine enthusiasm from both the press and the public and this makes us very proud. We have really worked hard on this release but all our efforts have been focused into the "summarize" our formula:  this is very risky! We wanted to create an album that had "character" but we were afraid that "Youniverse" could be accepted as an album "disposable" in the same way millions of albums that inflate the world stage every year. It 's very difficult to be incisive and emerge in a context like that of today. This makes the excellent response of "Youniverse" even more valuable and important. Then, for what concerns the reaction of the audience on stage, well, the songs on "Youniverse" are perfect for the climax that we love: smiles, sweat and pogo endless!

8.  Who wrote the lyrics for the 11 tracks, and where did the inspiration come from ?
(M) The lyrics of "Youniverse" are all of our singer Alessandro. Our lyrics are always a transposition of everyday experiences at a level of conceptual transforming experiences into emotions. If the lyrics speak of a particular event, not everyone would feel involved in this. But if the lyrics describe the emotions that sparked an event, here is that emotions are recognizable and understandable by all. It is the emotional sphere that makes us all valuable and gives an immense value to our lives.

9.  What made you decide to have musician Rob Cavestany of Death Angel featured on “The Disturbed” ?

(M) The idea of involving Rob came to Janos (our lead guitarist). Fortunately, at that time, Rob was in the studio with Death Angel. So we had a fast correspondence in which he has turned what would have been the his solo on "The Disturbed". We chose "The Disturbed" as the song for this partnership because we believe provides an ideal context for the style of Rob, but after listening to him, we were still surprised by the elegance typical of the great musicians, with whom he played his part. It was truly an honor to enjoy such a guest in one of our songs.

10.  This album has been called a called a theoretical album, focusing on multiple personality disorder, why did you choose to create your album around this issue ?

(M) The idea of making "Youniverse" a concept album was Alessandro who has developed all aspects of the topic. But, as intriguing, deal with this issue (the multiple personality syndrome), listing a certain number of 'pathological cases', it seemed rather sterile, so we have worked to shift the topic from a psychological level at a philosophical level. So, what was a "disease" has become a mental "journey": an intimate and personal journey that exposes the pain, fear, loneliness, but that in the end leads to a deep understanding of themselves, of 'Your universe ', that's why 'Youniverse'. The resulting message is very simple: to be accepted not conform you but cultivates what makes you unique. You're not sick: you're unique!

11. You have had a few releases now, do you have a favourite among them, and why that choice ?

(M) You can not ask me that! it is like choosing your favorite child! Ha Ha Ha ... I have a terrible memory, but I can remember exactly which are the facts and the experiences behind every note of our discography.  Choose it would give preference to specific events in my life than others.  I believe that no one is able to do that. Let's say that "Fusion" (2006) inaugurated a period of compositional maturity, "Egod" (2010) is the stage of the discovery of pain and "Youniverse" is the stage of rebirth, of victory. It may seem incomprehensible, but our albums are all the result of a  "human” path.

12.  I love the cover of your album, who created this ?

(M ) Thank you! Thank you for the compliments . We all love this cover and I think it's really perfect for this album.  It is a work of an artist that I discovered at the inauguration of a library in our city in which they were exposed some of her works. I was shocked by the force that emanated those pictures so I thought I'd propose our cover to her. But I did not know if she was able to express concepts "on commission." This is, in my opinion, the problem with all the contemporary artists. They are all trapped by their subjectivity and fail to communicate it. We proposed to her the idea to put a fetus in place of the human brain in a profile, but the image that she has created, has a far more wide-ranging. She has transformed the Milky Way in a "creative"  explosion of the human brain and has placed the fetuses inside of the planets according to me, these images have no limits in terms of interpretation. She was very good: truly a masterpiece.

13.  When you were growing up, did you always want to have a band ?  

(M) Always! The music has saved my life more than once and now we are brothers! Give up this means to refuse the course of a whole life: it would be like if you wanted to change the family. What kind of frustration can lead to do this? All of us love what we do, thanks to this project because it makes us feel alive and better. It is a difficult feeling to given up.

14.  What did you do in order to accomplish this ?  Were you in another band before Sawthis ?  Did you attend school ?

(M) We are all self-taught and played in other bands as well as in Sawthis but carry a band is a job that not everyone has the strength to do! Even a credible plan can dissolve for trivial reasons. Behind every step there are hard choices, sacrifices, hopes and disappointments. If you don't find the solution, no one will find it for you! This makes "Youniverse", rather than a goal, a true miracle! Ha Ha Ha …

15.  When you are not creating for the band, what would people find you to be doing ?

(M) We are all patrons of the most infamous pubs in our area! Ha Ha Ha ...
we all have jobs and commitments and this exposes us to continuing difficulties,  this makes Sawthis even more important as a relief valve: a real band therapy. I've never understood how anyone could not be metal kids in Italy!

16.  What has been the best experience for you so far being in Sawthis ?

(M) I recall a couple of dates of our last tour. The first took place in Minsk on that day we found out that the force of gravity does not exist: kids under the stage and literally flew and that situation gave us a charge that is unexplainable in words! The second one is "consumed" in Bielsk Podlaski, a Polish city, where party and concert took place without interruption: a truly wonderful evening! But, I swear, every date is unique and exciting and always leaves you something. It 's almost a crime to name just a few. One evening, for example, I surprised Peter of Vader while whistling the chorus of "Mr. Zero "(the opender of" Egod ") into the backstage ... but I will stop with the memories, otherwise I get emotional! Ha ha ha

17.  Is there anything that you would like to add here that you think people should know about your band ?  Something I may have missed asking.

(M) Sure! In closing I can only say thank you for the nice chat (I hope I have been exhaustive) and all the staff at MetalTitans for support. I also greet your readers when I say: listen to "Youniverse", our new album and maybe you will find forty minutes of music that will make you feel good! We've got it all to realize an album, great, honest and full of real emotions. For the rest, I'll see you on stage or in front of a big beer! SAWTHIS RULEZ: CHECK YOUR HATE!